Changing the mentality with personality grooming also essential
Saurav Sanyal | 21 May 2013

In this article i have tried to focus in the current scenario and help out to settle down the things related to proper grooming and essential things to which our concerns least matters

It is a most common phenomenal activity of human being that is to point other's mistake or criticise without peeping into their own acts. and this atitude starts the process of condemnation which will ultimately throw you alone without a single hands for helping you to pull out from the difficulty zone. this attitude is not a new baby to this human created so called earth, infact this culture has been into practice for thousands of year.there are not one or two instances but many experiences which particularly indicates to this mode of action. dear readers i am not saying you to avoid others mistakes but before pin pointing others mistakes it is our humble responsibility to look out that whether our approach to the particular act is correct or incorrect and is it humiliating others.
we have seen that it is the subjective world that actually rules the objectiveness. so better try to change the subject, because the involvment of a subject in any course of action plays the most vital role. change it and purify your own thought. and believe me once you initiate your step towards this change the whole world will also change accordingly. may be the time taken will be little bit more as it is expected but surely there will be a change in our surrounding. this one thing requires, to be taught now more than ever before. as we are becoming more and more busy in different schedule of our life cycle. and our involvement to ourselve is gradually lessning which can be a harmfull for humanity. 
but if we just wait for the change to happen by itself then it will be the most unpracticle approach to it. just think that if we develope only our personality and rest are still acting like a huligans ? then what will be the value of personality development. no , nothing ! so try to develop yourself as well as your surrounding. apart from this there is one more question which may pinch your senses of humanity and that is . why i should see evil in others? i cannot see evil unless i be evil. i cannot be miserable unless i am weak. if the change would happen then the cases like bruitality on human being by another human being will definitely come to an edge and ultimately wiped out from this world, so things that used to make us miserable when we were a child, do not do so now. the subject is to be changed, with which the object is bound to change so says the "VEDANTA". 
thus the person that has practised control over himself cannot be acted upon by anything outside ; there is no more slavery for his survival. his mind has become free. such a human alone is fit to live well in the world. we generally find a human being holding two opinions regarding the world. some are pessimists and think that " HOW HORRIBLE THIS WORLD IS, HOW WICKED ! "  and on the same time there are some optimists also who think " HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS WORLD IS , HOW WONDERFUL ! " this is for those person who have not controlled their own minds , the world is either full of evil or at best a mixture of good and evil things. now it all depends on us how we are taking the things accordingly.
and believe me friend's that while the process of changing the bad into good will start taking the shape it's shine with the time this very world will convert us into the mastrers of our minds. as a result nothing will then work upon us as good or evil; we shall find everything to be in it's proper place, to be HARMONIOUS. since every step that has been really gained in the world has been gained by love; not by criticising others because it never do good. .........