Changing trends of 'love '
CJ | 06 Dec 2010

Fledging boys and girls show overbearing interest, feeling exalted simply being attracted by facial features, style, conversation, art, music or any other quality and call it their love. Love is such not an ordinary emotion. The so called love is only i


 Fledging boys and girls show overbearing interest, feeling exalted simply being attracted by facial features, style, conversation, art, music or any other quality and call it their love. Love is such not an ordinary emotion. The so called love is only infatuation and is just superficial. It is only on the surface level centered round that point of interest, be it beauty or some quality. Attraction is never deep but love is a deep feeling which has permanence. It doesn’t fly away with the absence of the point of interest or simply by misconception, misunderstanding, doubt or delusion. This surface attraction can only be a passion, romance or lust and not love.
Thin line between the Love, Infatuation, and lust
Love has extraordinary pleasure and ecstasy. It is selflessness and sacrifice and perpetuity, an understanding and a concern. It is not just waves which comes and go away. Almost every teenager undergoes this emotion of so-called love which does come but based on attraction of something or the other. Examine yourself whether your love is real or momentary attraction. People say, “We saw each other and fell in love in the first sight. “Real love is not so sudden. If at all it happens then the person must be that of your dreams, ideals and choice and fits in the frame of your mind.” It has to be a person of your ideals. When there is oneness between the long cherished dreams and the evident, when the inner and outer feeling merged with each other, a melodious symphony is crated and then love swells and begins to flow. When we see that there is a person who fits to our frame of mind and our fancies and behaves, talks, walks, as per our wishing, we get attracted towards that person and it is not long before we begin to love him/her.
Those who heave sighs and sing songs of separation and have day dream they are obsessed with passion and not love. Real love is centered around the person of your love and you think only of his welfare and happiness. Boys and girls who really love one another do not disturb their studies or work. They don’t mingle love with duty. Love actually take cares of their duty and give impetus to go ahead rather than leave everything and go mad. Real love encourages each other, inspire to work rather than think of their object of love all the time.
Distances and separation can’t diminish love. In the course of life we have to separate or go away from the beloved but it doesn’t affect love. If love is affected, if it lessens, it is evident that it is only physical attraction and is centered around the pleasure of presence and not in the person’s personality. If it is so, the love is not deep; it is shallow, just on the surface. It is purely sensuous and not spiritual.
Real love doesn’t make us blind to our beloved’s fault and weaknesses. A real lover loves the whole person hence, accept the faults and tries and help to get them removed but a passionate, sensuous lover proceeds blindly being blind to the faults and weaknesses of the beloved and takes him/her to be faultless and the most beautiful. When this delusion melts the whole love evaporate like water.
Weak emotions and less attachment
Those young men or women who are unhappy, discounted and miserable in the family when they get somebody’s sympathy get attracted towards him/her and take him /her as an oasis in their dry desert. Consequently, they begin to response faith in him/ her without any serious thought, without knowing much about him/her only because of sympathy. This faith gradually develops into interest but it is misleading because it is no love in the real sense but it is an escape from one’s misery. People exploit this faith. This is just substitution there is neither depth nor permanence.
 Real lovers take into account every hard fact of life otherwise misunderstanding shatter the conjugal ties.
Whatsoever you are, if your partner knows you well, you need not be worried because then you do not have any apprehension that, if he /she comes to know then….? There is no place for any concealment, where there is love. Whatsoever is that is O.K if this is the attitude, love will sustain because there is no wrong information which may shatter the dream afterwards. Romance based on dodging and deceiving has no legs to stand. It can’t continue.
 Malicious Impacts of virtual community   
Here  I am focusing on the word ” pomposity”  in virtual community   ‘E-love’  propaganda; new trend people update their love status on the peculiar social networking sites as Orkut, Facebook and else and make it visible to others about their relationship which become the means of entertainment for others. Addendum in the form of ‘I love you’, ‘miss you’, ‘can’t bear without you’ scraps are available there, to show the teenagers so-called love and their happiness double when they get teasing comments by their parallel age friends which actually enjoying the so called “tamasha”.  Photograph sharing, Tagging each other snaps and concert of comments become a part of it which sometime cease with the session of shero-shayri’s and this is the main reason behind for which others take a keen interest to wander(visit) on their e-lovers friends profiles.
Love doesn’t establish by publicizing it or talking about it here and there. A romance doesn’t become love simply by telling it to others. Simply showing the letters of your beloved doesn’t prove that your love is real. This is just your exhibition. Love is primarily a personal understanding agreement, and acceptance. Telling other is just ostentation. Telling about your romance to others you can get social recognition and approval; this can’t make it a real love. Love is purely personal above all apprehension and misunderstanding etc.
Just look into yourself and see how deep your love is!