Vinod Anand | 23 Sep 2013

CHAPTER OF SHAME (VINOD ANAND) The unfortunate chapter on Muzaffanagar, the chapter of shame, seems .o have no end. It is not for us to pass premature judgment on a situation that continues to be fluid if not explosive and seems to have been rocked by rumours, lopsided and biased analyses, con- lectures and allegations that are sparing none of the major parties for their alleged complicity in some Way or the other. The apprehension is that some people are out to milk advantage from a tragedy of colossal dimensions a tragedy that is condemned by one and all. However, each group is, blaming the other and attempting to extract as much political mileage out of the incidents that should not have taken place, ought not to have taken place and could not have taken place had there not been lapses or lethargy which are being interpreted by many as deliberate and planned. To add to the confusion a TV news channel has, on the basis of a sting operation, shown a police officer saying that they were under instructions from UP Minister Azam Khan to go slow on controlling the riots. Azam Khan has completely denied the allegation and has said that he was prepared to face the ‘harshest of punishment if proven guilty’. On the face of it the revelation is shocking, alarming to say the least. But is the CD true? In the present era of low morality and cheap stunts, half lies and half truths, how can one accept the CD to be a coverage of a genuine sting operation and not a fake one, made deliberately by those who are scared of Azam Khan’s habit of stating the blunt truth with ho holds barred? The CD could be a staged one with some purchased elements speaking the tutored lines. But if the CD indeed reflects the true position then the matter has to be taken up with all the seriousness that it deserves. But let there be an impartial inquiry. In the past there have been instances when such CDs have been proved fake after laboratory tests. It would also be hasty it not erroneous to compare Gujarat riots with what has been happening in Muzaffarnagar. One cannot compare a mountain with a mole-hill. The UP chapter is open. The Gujarat chapter is closed. All Gujarat facts are under the scanner Courts are looking into every aspect of the trouble. Inquiries have been held There is volume of material available, based on the testimony of those who’ were eye witnesses to the ghastly murders. The Intelligence agencies have made their own observations The involvement of the State’s Big Guns has been highlighted, cases registered, many arrested as well while some matters are in ‘the Supreme Court. In the case of Muzaffarnagar no such inquiry worth the name has been held. In a fluid situation, made utterly confusing by contradictory claims and counterclaims, can any conclusion be drawn with the stamp’ of finality? The administration failed to control the situation, the administration failed to foresee the catastrophe’ and the administration. turned paralytic when it should have been on its toes That is the general impression And if there indeed was a deep-rooted conspiracy to start the, riots or to escalate the trouble in order to reap an electoral harvest then that too should be subjected to a thorough probe: Making unsubstantiated if not provocative allegations will not solve the problem but aggravate it further. This cannot be allowed; and such tendencies should be curbed even if that requires the initiation of the harshest of remedial measures.     PAGE  PAGE 1