Child Trafficking Crack Down By Police - Brokers Slip
TR. Madhavan | 20 Jul 2016

Even after strict vigil at railway stations to rescue child labourer as part of Operation Muskaan, brokers bringing cheap child labour from eastern India manage to give the authorities a slip.

As per reports, Hyderabad Railway Station RPF inspector states, "We rescue children who escape from the clutches of brokers and are seen roaming on platforms. Most of the times, the brokers escape. If brokers look like parents we can't stop them but we nab them when someone looks suspicious. Our child welfare officer makes random checks at homes and cases are booked if minors are seen employed as housemaids. We book over seven cases of child labour at the station every month."

At the Secunderabad Railway Station, which receives most trains from eastern India, the situation is no different. "The brokers stay in trains and send the children out first to check if child welfare committee teams are on vigil. Most children don't know the full name or phone number of the broker or employer. It becomes very difficult to nab them." states a Secunderabad Railway Station inspector.

It is also reported that, poverty is the main reason for migration of unwilling child labourers. The parents from Bihar, Odisha and to lesser extent Jharkhand and West Bengal continue to send their children to work in factories of Hyderabad, because of poverty.

The Railway Police also urged the need to conduct joint raids in factories of not just Old City --  where many child labourers are employed in bangle, bag and leather factories due to ease of work because of their tiny fingers and low wages -- but also in registered factories of Balapur and Shivrampally where many child labourers are employed.