Chilka: A holiday for all species
Tapas Ranjan Behera | 04 Mar 2009

Article is about Chilka Lake which is much popular for its bird activities.

The Chilka Lake in Orissa is the biggest inland salt-water lagoon in India. Due to its hotspot biodiversity it gets flooded with various migratory birds around the winter season every year. In fact, the tourists have started visiting this ideal holiday spot just to watch this colourful assemble on the banks of the lake. With the arrival of guest birds, the hunters become vigilant and get ready to begin their hunting spree. According to the forest department of the Chilka Wildlife Division, around 20,000 migratory birds have already swooped down on the lake this season. As far as the security of this species is concerned, the forest department has taken the right step for the arrangement of protection and safety. The department has arranged 16 special squads and clubbed 3 mobile squads to watch the activities of hunters. These security teams will be on a high alert for 24 hours in different places surrounding the lake. They now have the permission to check the food items in hotels and restaurant. Other than this, a special team of 75 members has been formed by the Forest Department to check the law and order of the area for the safety of the birds.

The last year witnessed about 8.93 lakh birds in this lagoon, as against the 8.40 lakh species the year before. The migratory birds fly places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Laddakh, South and East Asia and then descend to the lake every winter to escape the biting cold in other countries. With the coming of the summer and the warm winds blowing into the India during the mid March, these birds begin their journey to their homes. The state government had declare Chilka a birds sanctuary several years ago .