Chocolate may prevent from heart stroke
Nidhi | 03 Sep 2012

Eating chocolate is not only the healthiest thing for you but it, nonetheless, prevents heart strokes, says the latest research.

DIET IS one of the key factors in the daily life’s habit. It involved in genesis, prevention and control of health issues. According to a study published on the BMJ website the data from 114,009 patients suggested risk was cut by about a third.

But the excessive consumption can create a problematic result. The British Heart Foundation says there are other way to prevent your heart and blood pressure. The scientist of University of Cambridge, conducted an analysis compared the risk to the brain and heart in groups of people who reported eating low levels of chocolate, fewer than two bars per week, with those eating high levels more than two bars per week, reported the BBC.

Researchers said that you should avoid binge eating and eat small amount of chocolate in regular basis.
However some researchers say that the ingredient of chocolate cocoa can also reduce risk of blood pressure.

A senior heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, Victoria Taylor said that evidence must suggest chocolate might have some heart benefits but we need to find out why that might be.
It is not appropriate to advice people to eat lot of chocolate to prevent heart diseases only based on research.