CID cautioned public against cyber fraudsters
Narendra Ch | 04 Mar 2015

With increasing number of cyber-crimes in the State, Crime Investigation Department issued a notice in public interest warning general public about cyber fraudsters and types of crimes that take place online. According to sources, about 60 cases were registered in city since January 2015. As many as 618 cases were registered in 2014, while 334 cases were registered in 2013.


The police said that if any person received a phone call from unknown persons that they sell gold at very cheap rates, it would be a fraud call. If any person received calls from '+92' (Pakistan ISD Code) numbers, other than that of known calls, police advised the public not to take the call as the mobile balance would be deducted. 

If any person called with +92 number to inform about Airtel lottery or sought PIN number of ATM cards, discount coupons of dish TV, income tax refund or special refund of insurance, then the call would be a fraudulent one, the police said, adding that disclosing their CVV number of debit card would result in financial loss. 

The police said that if anyone called up and asked the mobile phone users to switch off his/her phone to recharge the number, and then they must ignore such calls as the caller would make a call to your family member stating that their son/daughter met with an accident and collect money from them. Some criminals were also posting advertisements regarding 'work from home' that offered huge incentives to attract unemployed youth and women after seeking cautionary deposit with an intention of fleeing with the money. 

The police informed that sending abusive and obscene content to unknown persons and harassing them, sharing of hate messages through social networking sites, websites and blogs is a crime, according to the Information Technology Act and the sender would be prosecuted accordingly. They asked the public to inform the police if such posts, advertisements in newspaper or on websites were found with a view to avoiding financial loss.