Clickers Adda organized Second Photowalk at Gaya and Bodha Gaya

New photographers organization "Clickers Adda" Patna organized it's second photowalk from 13 to 14 September at Gaya and Bodh Gaya to promote photographers at the national and international level. This unique programme was inaugurated by the SSP Gaya Nishant kumar Tiwary and DM Gaya Sanjay Kumar Agrawal at the Mahabodhi Temple campus on Saturday evening in the presence of the members of Bodha Gaya Temple Management Committee, Buddhist monks, tourists, Clickers Adda 's 24 member photographers and photography lovers.

After the arrival of clickers Adda team from Patna by the Janshtabdi Express train the founder members of the Gaya Nagrik Manch welcomed the all guest photographers by garlanding with marigold garlands in the morning at the Gaya Junction on Saturday morning. Rupak Sinha,Bimlendu Chaitanya, Jitendra Pushp and Gyanendra Chaitanya were present in this welcome team.

Under the leadership of the Co-coordinator the photowalk Rupak Sinha, Bimlendu Chaitanya,Jitendra Pushp,founder members of Clickers Adda Ravi Shanker Sahni,Suman Srivastava,Ajay Ranjan and digital photography wizard Rajendra Prasad this two days photography photowalk was held at Gaya and Bodh Gaya.

"Photography is the exposure of photographer's own feelings and expression. It's also exposure of self. Let's spread the message of universal peace and brotherhood from Bodh Gaya the holy land of Gautam Buddha." said SSP Gaya Nishant Kumar Tiwary during his address at the Mahabodhi Temple,Bodh Gaya.He also appreciated the achievement of Clickers Adda for the promotion of photography in Bihar.

"There is good response of this photowalk in Gaya and Bodha Gaya.We are highly thankful to the SSP and DM of Gaya for their support to organize this photowalk."said founder member of Clickers Adda Ravi S. Sahani.

All the guests were welcomed in the "Athithi Devo Bhav" Indian guest culture style by the Gaya Nagrik Manch,Wat Law Bodhgaya International (Gaya) ,Bodh Gaya Temple Management Committee (Bodh Gaya),Sambodhi Retreat (Gaya) and Sujata Hotel (Gaya) with tilak, floral garland and silk Khada.

The team of the Clickers Adda for group photography visited the Mahabodhi Temple (Bodh Gaya),Sri Vishnu Pad Temple, Pitripaksha Fair at the Falgu river's Dev Ghat, Dungeshwari and the Giant Buddha Statue at Bodh Gaya. The role of Amit Kumar the DPO of Department of Education,Gaya was very important in the maintenance of law and order in the Pitripkasha Fair in Falgu river near Dev Ghat,Gaya.

Winners of the on the spot photography contest was awarded with prizes and certificates by the SSP Gaya Nishant Kumar Tiwary,Dorgee Ishan secretary of Wat Lao Bodhgaya International,Gaya and the founder member of Clickers Adda Ravi S.Sahani at DPS,Gaya.This subject of the contest was " Our Teacher" which was held on National Teachers Day at Delhi Public School,Gaya.It was jointly organized by DPS,Gaya and Clickers Adda.Ayush Kumar,Shiv Shanker Pathak,Rishabh Raj,Ganesh Kumar Vidyarathi ,Khushi Bhatt and Aditi Kumar won the first, second and consolation prizes respectively.

On Saturday night guest member photographers of Clickers Adda shared their experiences with the Chief guest SSP Gaya and photographer Nishant Kumar Tiwary in the Sambodhi Retreat hall at Gaya.