Come together to fight against terrorism
paddy | 03 Mar 2009

All of us has to take on some duty to fight against terrorism.

THE CARNAGE in Mumbai is just over fortunately and as a hardcore Indian, I was pondering the events that occurred some weeks back, which was drawing a wedge in Hindustan. For me when one asked me where I was from it was always “I am from India”. I was failing to understand why one is defined as a “North or West” Indian, we are Indians, Hindustanis, and Bharati, take your pick and we cannot change.

I have been watching the incidents and carnage closely note because I was born in Mumbai, but it was my helplessness that I /we permitted some stranger to step on ourmy soil and try to defile it. The only question tht was going on inside me was that Aas an ordinary Hindustani what can I do,do?

Be vigil, if the government is organizing a scheme which permits the individual to learn certain tactics to handle emergencies undergo the course.

One of the most pathetic statements one could hear during the recent debate on NDTV, one of the participants was mentioning that paucity of funds and priorities, which does not permit the government to armour our forces with the latest facilities which that would protects them first and permits the forces to protect us better.

What can we do, as we spend money on branding, why not each Indian, each company every day, week, month and year brand the armouries that is required by the forces and ensure that the money is specifically contributed to each item that would upgrade the facilities used by our forces, starting from Bulletproof vest proofs, helmets, and so on.

Lets as Indians come together and win and win we must.