Common Wealth Games (CWG 2010) , New Delhi
astrosapna | 30 Sep 2010

It is XIX common wealth game(CWG 2010) which is being held in India at new Delhi FROM THE 3RD OF OCTOBER TO 14TH OCTOBER 2010 . It is a proud feeling for all the Indians. India is one of the few countries who are having this opportunity to hold this


 But before it gets started we are going through so many problems. Some people who are not bothered for their reputation and the reputation of this great nation and because of them India has to face so many troubles and difficulties.
But lets see the other side as per astrology and after casting the horoscope of India  we will find that India is running a mahadasha of sun which is a benefic dasha for it in the horoscope. Sub dasha of mars which is a neutral dasha and sub sub dasha of  venus which started on 21st august 2010. Since the starting of this venus sub sub period we are seeing that  the things went out of hand and everybody whether media or opposition and even countries start abusing and giving negative comments about the situation and the attack was directed towards the prestige of our great nation India . Previous dasha of ketu was also a neutral dasha so things started to mingle up from that time only so we can say that the dasha is also not favorable.
 Now when we see for a shorter duration astrology prediction we see the current planetary position or you can say the transit. As per the transit also Venus is in its own sign libra zodiac sign. As per India’s horoscope lagna or you can say the first house the ruling is of Taurus sign which is again represented by Venus and its placement in the  third house along with malefic planets. As per current transit it is in sixth house of the India horoscope. Sixth house is not a good placement for benefic planet to be in, as our sixth house also represent enemies, disease etc we see all the enemies which were hidden till now, they come out in the open even the situation got worst when players refuse to come over, like a disease harming our country’s image over all.
 So we see even lagna dasha is running but its malefic that’s why we have landed up in this kind of situation. This dasha will be there till October 12, 2010. So we have to be ready to see some or the other problems during this time. According to the sub sub dasha of Venus we will have so many hurdles and problem to get completion of the games. As the CWG progress we will see some more issue creeping up from time to time. After 12th October 2010 we can hope to see some nothing major but little relief for our country. So during this time as per astrology don’t see india being in the top tally of medal getters.