Commuting in Pune is too difficult
apeksha | 13 May 2011

how difficult is to travel in metro city like pune where rickshaws the only means of decent communication cheats us

Shifting from Mumbai to Pune was never that pain as it made not much difference moving from one metropolitan city to another. In fact life was much at ease n calm here until I realise the pain…not the people not the traffic but commuting from one place to another was a headache… being in city like Mumbai where commuting was never get on your nerves I never bother to learn driving since Mumbai had so many option for common public like us to travel. But in Pune its totally opposite. If u don’t know to drive n don’t have ur personal vehicle u are stuck. I realised it when I had to travel once. Public buses were never an option.

Looking at PMPML buses and its condition one would think as last option to travel by it. Can’t say unsafe to travel but not maintained well and everyday newspaper has one article of its accident. So I decided to choose rickshaw as my travel partner. Rickshaw here is not for passenger’s convenience in fact rickshaw drivers are just doing a favour by making us reach one place from another. Meters are faulty, drivers are rude and they will not go where u want. After asking or I should say requesting 10 rickshaw walas I got one ready to take me the place where I wanted to go. But he has his own condition. He won’t go by meter which is just a showpiece in his rickshaw and would also charge half return. I was puzzled by his behaviour I argued with him stating that it was wrong on his part to charge such exorbitant amount when it doesn’t cost too much on this he simply said “ aana hai toh aao nahi toh main jaata hun” I was shunned was some few seconds and didn’t knew how to react to his behaviour. Before I can get back to my senses he murmured something and went away from there without even asking me my second opinion.

As I came back to real world I found another rickshaw guy waiting in front for me and asking me where I want to go..Without even arguing and talking with him I sat and told him the place I want to go. Thankfully he took me on my destination and charged me with meter rates. After the whole incidence I just felt why is government not taking any measures to change the attitude of these rickshaw drivers? RTO should keep checking all the meters of the rickshaws and if any one refuses to go  by meter rates should be charged fine immediately rather than passenger complaining it later as no action is been taken once the incident has happened..There should be regular check like the cops check for PUC even meter check should be made mandatory and rules should me made fix for them so that even people like me who don’t know driving still feel safe to travel by rickshaws and there is no feeling of cheating in mind.