Placida Dsouza | 14 Nov 2017

Of all the emotions that a human being has – Concern is one more type of partial emotion which is not seen on the face directly. It's a secret feeling within our body and heart towards somebody who is near and dear.

Concern – these are the feeling between family and friend. The concern are stated as below:- 

A father though may be very difficult with his son but if the son is not around, the father is worried about him and his whereabouts. Constantly the father will have only one question to ask – where is my son? The one word indicates that the father is so much worried and concern about his son, same thing goes with a son when he does not see his father around. These are bonded relationship. 

A relation between mother and daughter is also similar.  They must be not getting well with each other very well as some relationship faces bitterness among them but if the person isn't around the feel very concerned about them. 

Bitterness and concern goes hand in hand with a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. They must be not getting well in public but behind closed door or out of sight these feel the concern of each other and often wonder about their whereabouts. 

It's difficult to hide the love of family member especially when they are not around. Family members stay together, eat to together, have fun together, celebrate together. They have issue among themselves may be hurt each but one family member will always remember the other member is not around or among them. 

Best friend also sometimes get into betterness but they too keep each other always with them and feel their presence in whatever they do and wherever they go.

Mother or father, son or daughter, daughter in-law and mother–in-law develop temporary hatred towards each other but that one word that keeps them connected is the only "concern".