Constitutional freedom of
AK | 28 Nov 2006

Being in indian democracy and born in a open & righteous family, I always knew that we can speak anything if we have a faith and command of that topic. This never meant to offend anyone but being true to myself was a dignity I always Njoied. In course of life, some time this strength meant being arrogant and hard to others as truth is not always right. But I choose truth over all because i knew that at end of the day all will feel good for the same.

Now after so many years of that air has made me a sharp and spontanous truth speaker which is not good to be in social life. Till date it was just school, college and friends and so.. But now while changing myself to a new environment I feel hard to be silent. Also the change comes so drastically that I am a geographic zone where monarchy is alive, no freedom of speech at all, people just dont care for their right (i think so) and worst of all they have no laws at all. So either I will have to change according to them or I will not the same person I was.

I have taken the first few steps to change and experience is .... not what i expected. At end I can say that whatever we feel about Indian Democracy, its best for indian Society.

-- Keep faith in India
- - Kalingaa