Consumption of air conditioners per person in India should go up for making the country more economic driven
Vishnu Mohan | 28 Sep 2014

Based on seeing the reality of the situation and also reading some relevant reports including http://www.hindustantimes.com/comment/indrajithazra/forget-cars-planes-in-india-air-conditioners-speak-of-luxury/article1-1146731.aspx

Per person consumption of air conditioners need to go up in big numbers in India.  Based on a report, air-conditioning also played a major role in America's economic devlopment, especially in its hot-in-summer southern states.  The correlation between better labour conditions-output and air-conditioning is a fact in industrial history.  

New born babies can do better health wise if they are allowed to be kept in air conditioned environment for a longer period.  India, by and large, is a hot and humid country.  There are times when the temperatures go up beyond 40 degree centigrade in some States during summer seasons.  Otherwise, the temperatures hover around 30 degrees plus for major part of the year in many States.  In countries like Dubai, there is not a single establishment which does not have an air conditioner.  A person, in Dubai, walking into any unit, be it a bus or a taxi or a hotel or a cafeteria or a shop or a mall or a housing complex or a school room/college room/hospital room or for that matter any place which resembles a room like environment, air conditioners always welcome him first. The temperature difference between Dubai and India is not much.   Let's not forget that perishable commodities breath fresh and more life by being in cool environment like cold storage.  Human beings, whose life is not for ever, can enjoy better living conditions with long and comfortable life, by being in air conditioned environment especially in summer months.  Especially children including new born babies, can do better health wise if they are allowed to be kept in air conditioned environment for a longer period.
There is no doubt that when a country embarks on the journey of being labelled as an economic power, one can see many malls coming up, many flyovers coming up, many metro and super fast trains operating on an everyday basis, seeing new additions made to highways and superhighways, more airports coming up and so on.  But economic power in its real sense for a country like India would mean consumption of air conditioners per person should keep rising.  This would mean there would be need for more electrical power generation and therefore Government must do everything to ensure that electricity generation goes up manifold in the future and there is good addition to air conditioning working environment in the country as it is proved that productivity of labour goes up manifold in air conditioning environment. Efficiency of a while collar job person also goes up by working in air conditioning environment.  
Debates may be initiated to make the above doable because it has so many advantages including keeping the indoors of the air conditioned room clean from dust and so on.
Hoping the concerned quarters do everything to ensure that air conditioners per person in the country goes up in the future significantly.