Corruption - One Way To Fight It
Sivaprasad Dantu | 07 Apr 2008

Corruption has been defined as departure from what is legally, ethically, and morally correct. Corruption is a wide spread in countries like India. It is affecting the lives of common man and redistributing the scare wealth among the corrupt people. If we reason with the reasons for corruption in India, apart from a desire to lead a rich life through easy means, the urge to see that their successors enjoy lavish wealth without any effort appears to be the motive. The cost of corruption to the common man is enormous, since he pays extra premium by way of corrupt practices for most of the common requirements and needs. The money generated through corrupt practices is running a parallel economy. Millions of hectares of land is in benami names in India. The plots are purchased with corrupt money. Corruption generates artificial demand for scarce things there by making the necessary wants for common man difficult to fulfill. There is wide spread corruption in government machinery, among politicians and even private companies and individuals who resort to tax evasion, amassing of wealth through corrupt practices.

Corruption is the main reason for the common man not receiving the fruits of development. It is said that if Government allots a million rupees for development to a village, the actual and real expenditure on development is only one tenth of the amount allotted. The rest of the amount changes hands in various forms and fuels artificial demand for things that common man needs or wants like plots of land, small land holdings etc. I think that to tackle corruption requires very tough measures at least for some generations to come so that the habit is wiped out.

Right to property is the one right that encourages corrupt people to earn through dishonest and illegal methods to enjoy easy life and pass on the corrupt wealth to their progeny. The children of corrupt people can enjoy the benefits of corrupt practices of their father or mother and tend to lead luxurious life without making any effort and becoming a burden to the society. Especially in India, due to family bonds, people think of the well being of their children much more and many do any acts of corruption for ensuring easy life for their sons and daughters.

If we take away the right of inheritance of property including movable and immovable assets except for a specified minimum area of land/house/plot and reasonable movable assets by successors and give a decent financial support to the family of the deceased whether he or she is rich or poor, then the economic inequities and social in equities will disappear. The wealth that accrues to the government from the deceased will be sufficient to finance the needs of those wanting financial assistance till they achieve their own financial independence. Another measure to curb corrupt practices is to introduce a law that enables a statutory agency to buy or sell lands. If I want to buy a piece of land I should go to that agency. If I want to sell a piece of land or house I should approach that agency. This way, the prices of land can be controlled and become affordable to individuals. These ideas to curb corruption may appear drastic, but if you have a powerful disease, you have to take a bitter pill for cure. There will be no sweet cure for a bitter disease.