Corruption can make a nation and its people lose self esteem
Arnica Kohli | 25 May 2011

This is regarding my personal experience with corruption - it straightaway hits at your confidence. Trust me, it makes you feel not guilty, but vulnerable. You start losing self belief that you can do it!

YOUR BELIEF system changes….your complete ideology and thought process changes! You feel that all you possess in terms of talent, intelligence, skills, innovative imagination – its all good for nothing and that you don’t have to really even use it.
And that’s when the process of isolation starts! That’s when cynicism creeps in… thats when negativity surrounds you, that’s when you lose the aura, that’s when you become angry and full of self-pity… because now you have no reason to think positive, you yourself closed your doors to new thoughts and are now full of hatred for what you have to deal with. It becomes such a vicious cycle that you cant imagine you could have landed here… there is no scope of freedom.
The small chains of conveniences become the shackles of helplessness. You had thought this would be the shortcut till you suddenly realized that the bend you saw ahead is not leading anywhere but taking you back from where you started! No progress! Because no one is interested in progress anymore; the perspectives have changed. People and Welfare have been replaced by “whats in for me” and “ Did I pay for this job to help you or myself!
Can you imagine the helplessness of a person who has to bribe a public servant who actually gets his salary from the taxes paid by the person who is giving the bribe? Preposterous! In the US they say God Bless America, well for us even that would not do. Only people in India can rid themselves of the muck they have created for themselves. No God can help us. We are our saviours!