corruption is a part of india
akanksha | 13 Apr 2011

INDIA IS a vast and diverse country, people from different regions and belonging to different regions live together but the major problem in India is the corruption that everyone has to face in their day to day life.

The main reason of corruption in India is, people want to get rich quickly that is why they follow unfair mean to earn more money.
The politicians, the bureaucrats, the government employees and the businessmen, they are the ones who play a vital role in the nation building but they also contribute in the spread of the corruption menace.
Corruption in India is at the high peak, from top to bottom, govt. official are corrupt. For the small work done by government official, they want money, even for passing the file they need the cash, if a person wants to admit their child in a good school, he have to pay huge donation, black marketing of ration that entirely effect the poor class of India but who cares for them and let them poor, for registrating the F.I.R in the police station, they are asking for the cash that the one can spend. For any work we have to grease the palms the staff from top to bottom and get our work done.
The corruption in India is like the evil in the society that swallows everyone. All the offices in India are working on the basis of give and take.
There are scams like Hawala, Bofors, Fodder scam, CWG scam, 2G spectrum and many more, everyday there is a new scam and bigger than previous one in a country, India is one of the most corrupted nation in the world and this is not a good image to the world.
For eliminating corruption several steps have been taken from time to time but this step doesn’t work. The Prevention of Corruption act 1947 was supposed to includes MPs and MLAs so that they could be liable for their misdeed, however it doesn’t work because the powerful politician don’t want to be in the legal net.
Now corruption have been cross all its limits and people wants to live in the corrupt free nation for that people like Anna Hazare, a great gandhian, who fought a great fight against corruption, at the age of 78 he went to fast and demanding for the Jan Lokpal Bill, so that to make everyone accountable for their wrong doing, group of people like Kiran bedi, RTI activist Arvind kejriwal support this campaign and make this a mass movement, people also supported the campaign and be a part of this, thousand of people reach to India Gate and support the campaign, this put the pressure on the government for drafting the committee on our  terms.
India has a very low growth rate and this is because of corruption, if the fund earned due to corruption were to be circulated in the national economy, then India’s growth would be tremendous in all the sector, there is no need of foreign aid, India would be an independent economic entity within a short period of time, if there is no corruption India would overcome from fiscal deficit as soon as fast.
The state must pass strict law against corruption it should consider corrupt politician as a criminal and they should not be allowed to contest election.
Corruption is happened due to low income and because of this people involved in wrong doing, for this salaries of police, central and state govt. employee and bureaucrats must be raised so that their basic need to be satisfy and make them work effectly and efficiently.
Elimination of corruption is not only done by the government but it’s our duty to make the corrupt free nation. However it shouldn’t work because we are also a part of it, if anyone asking for money, we easily give to them so that our work could done or we don’t want to be involved in any problem, for this youth should come forward and oppose all the wrong doing by the politicians, bureaucrats or business tycoon because if we want to live in a healthy and prosperous nation then we should work hard for it, to make India a corrupt free nation.