CPI favoured eventual merger of the communist parties
Narendra Ch | 21 Jan 2015

Faced with electoral setbacks and the rise of BJP, CPI an eventual merger of the communist parties in the country while the CPI(M) said the matter was not on its agenda now but overall unity of the left parties was necessary. CPI general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy advocated "reunification" and a possible eventual merger.


"We think it is possible. We think it is feasible and it is necessary in the present situation. At the same time, we don't put any dateline to it. We are ready to wait till a positive response comes from all sides, from different communist parties," Reddy said, replying to a question. CPI favoured enhancing the independent identity of the left and its image and also "re-unification" of the left movement in India on "principled basis", he added. "We decided to pass a resolution in the CPI's 22nd conclave that reunification of communist movement in India should happen on a principled basis," he said. 

When pointed out that the CPI(M) doesn't appear to be too enthusiastic about merger, he said he would not expect an immediate response. "We are not expecting them to respond within 24 hours.... I said it is not only CPI(M) but all the communist parties. People ask why do you have separate party when you are working together in carrying out struggles," he said.

But CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat, who spoke to reporters about the ongoing central committee meeting of the party here, said merger was not on the agenda now. "We believe the necessity of the time is for unity of the left parties. Unity of the left parties means not just the CPI(M) and CPI. Of course, these are the two major parties. But there are other left forces who we are trying to bring on a joint platform," he said.