Cracks Have Begun To Appear
Naim Naqvi | 14 Apr 2014

Sixteenth of May 2014 would ultimately reveal whether these write-ups and TV NaMo storm is real of fiction. I am holding my pen for some time to see who laughs last. Meanwhile, some cracks have begun to appear in the water-tight compaign of Mr Modi.

Qamar Waheed Naqvi has resigned as Editorial Director of India TV in protest against the planted ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ feature of Narendra Modi’s propaganda.

Q W Naqvi is a well known new age icons of Hindi journalism. He is one of the founding members of Aaj Tak, the super hit news bulletin of the nineties. He had coined the name Aaj Tak. Naqvi had worked hard to liberate the language of communication from its puritanical and often absurd official idiomatic shackles. He is the pioneer who gave currency to the simple language of Journalism – a media lucid and lively medium for  the masses to understand.

He is a product of city of Varanasi. He was first published at the age of 14 in a local journal. Even as he was contributing regularly in the city’s leading newspapers his formal journalistic career began at the age of 18 with a local Hindi weekly. In 1980 he was the Sub Editor at Navbharat Times(NBT). In 1983 he joined NBT, Lucknow, as a part of the dream team of Rajendra Mathur. In 1985 QWN joined as the Chief Reporter at the Anand Bazaar Patrika group’s widely circulated news weekly, Ravivar, in Kolkata, then being edited by the mercurial firebrand Udayan Sharma.

The spirit of an explorer and innovator propelled him to the post of the News Editor of India’s first broadsheet weekly Chauthi Duniya in 1986. In 1989 he returned to the NBT fold in Lucknow, now as its News Editor till 1993, when he took over the charge of NBT Jaipur, later becoming the newspaper’s Dy. Resident Editor. It was while serving at The Navbharat Times that the call came from the legendary SP Singh and the India Today Group. They were planning an ambitious news programme for Doordarshan. Television! A new and glorious chapter of Hindi News Journalism was to come alive, that would forever change the tone and tenor of Indian News Television, with QWN in the thick of action. QWN ended his first stint with brand Aaj Tak as its Editorial Head and the Chief Executive Producer. He returned as the News Director of the channel in 2004 helping the group to expand with the fast news channel Tez and Delhi Aajtak.

The group’s flagship English News Brand Headlines Today was consolidated under his supervision. He also helped the group establish the TV Today Media Institute to identify, groom and mentor a fresh and young lot of journalists, infusing them with liberal and progressive paradigms while benchmarking for them the highest standards of journalism as he has himself practiced.

He retired from Aaj Tak in 2012 and joined India TV as its Editorial Director in October 2013.