‘Credit War’ for development projects among politicians in Ferozepur
HARISH DIDO | 14 Feb 2014

Non-coordination between Centre and State causes delay in completion of projects

Come elections or the visit of Chief Minister, the credit war for development works start among the local politicians.

During the assembly elections, the local Ferozepur City seat was won by Parminder Singh Pinki, Congress MLA defeating Sukhpal Singh Nannu, former Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) of Bhartiya Janata Party.  Another active politician  is Kamal Sharma, President, BJP Punjab State.

In the past number of development projects have been undertaken in Ferozepur like four-laning of road upto Hussainiwala, sewerage treatment plant, government college, Astroturf stadium, PGI Satellite Centre, Domestic Airport and some are in pipeline.

In fact, the certain projects are funded by the Central Government which have been managed by the Congress MLA for which he wants to get the credit. While the development projects undertaken with the state government funds, the ruling party leaders want to get the credit for the same. 

Today, a press conference called by Sukhpal Singh Nannu, former CPS, which he could not attend due to some personal problem, but addressed by Rajesh Khurana his private secretary.  During the press meet, also attended by Gagan Kakkar, Kulbhushan Kumar, Deepak Verma, Balkaran Singh of Hazi Wala, Inder Gupta – Rajesh Khurana presented a long list of 19 projects either undertaken or in progress by the Punjab Government. He claimed that in the press notes, false claims are projected for arranging funds for the projects.  Without naming any leader of Congress or BJP, the indirect indication was towards Congress MLA and to some extent also the local BJP leaders.

On the other hand, Parminder Singh Pinki claimed to have got approved two major projects – PGI Satellite Centre and Domestic Airport – and the same are lingering on because of non-issuing of No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Punjab Government.

In fact, the Congress leader under the Akali-BJP government wants to take the credit for the development projects funded by the Centre. The non-Congress ruling state like Punjab lacks State-Centre coordination and ultimate sufferer are the citizens on account of delay in completion of various projects.

Whatever may be force or personality behind getting approved the various development projects for Ferozepur, but from the statements being issued by the political leaders of Congress, BJP or former leaders, it looks that they are more concerned for getting credit in the eyes of public instead of concentrating on completion of various development projects by clearing the required formalities like issuing of NOC, providing of required land etc.  While the citizens are concerned with the development of the city, whereas the politicians are busy in the ‘Credit War’.