Cricket and astrology
Astro Raj | 02 Jul 2015

When it comes to starting up of any cricketing series, people get excited. You can see people standing outside the tea stalls and dhaba's where television sets are hanged up watching the cricketing events like IPL, World Cup and many more.

The engrossment is high; some people also consult to a cricket specialist astrologer and ask up for cricket match predictions. During initiation of any cricketing event astrological sites produces cricket predictions in form of online cricket predictions on basis of cricket astrology. These astrological predictions are generally authentic but sometimes an astrologer also gets failed up and the predictions get wrong. 

I am an astrologer in this field and can suggest only that the best cricket predictions by astrologer do not offer for any session activities. That is an illegal activity and I will also suggest that people should not ask for the session trials as you can lose your bucks over asking for sessions. These match predictions are been offered on basis of the time during which toss is done between two teams and one team decides to bat and other team decides to ball.

There are so many ways to calculate the cricket horoscope and predict which team is going to win the match. First method is through K.P Astrological method on which the time calculated is taken up and on the basis the chart is drawn. It does not require the birth charts of team members; it is only based upon the stars and transitions of planets at that moment of time. The second method includes making of proper horoscopes which includes making horoscope of team members and their captains and applying the rules with formation of team date. The other astrological methods include tarot card predictions, numerology and many more are there. With so much of deep feet of astrological    research on the subject matter one can follow a site which could provide follow which could provide accurate result. An avid cricket fan can read up and look upon various cricketing websites and also check for their blogs and articles. Keeping on  mind that always gives your hard earned money to a genuine and authentic online astrological portal. There's a bit of everything in there for everyone.

There are so many great cricket blogs and websites emerging year after year, which tries to convince people. It is absolutely natural that cricket freak people stretch out their  breathes as the game is full of uncertainties as well as so many vow moments comes upon.