Cricket, model and media
Vasu Manchanda | 28 Jul 2009

It doesn't matter whether cricketers are all-rounder on field or not but they will definitely be all-rounders off the field. Modelling, acting, reality shows, ads - they are everywhere. National sports such as hockey are ignored and lost.

TODAY CRICKET is becoming a passion. In fact, it has become a fashion among youngsters. Even  cricket players are turning into fashion icons. Being fashionable is not a bad thing, but after becoming fashionable if you forget your ground values, that's a bad thing. Cricketers are becoming richer day by day and it is because of our wrong policies and the major reason for all, is our so called Media especially the electronic media. Electronic media shows and presents the sixes of a cricketer like He has won a war or have done something extra ordinary and Authorities or government announces Million of rupees for their sixes.

I am not against the game cricket but I am against the policies of BCCI and the media who just give preference to these cricketers only and ignore all other players of other games. I want to ask one question from media is it right that in order to give publicity to one particular game you should ignore other games or should not even talk about other games including our National game Hockey. Most of our players of cricket have become actors or models and most of the time they can be seen walking on the ramps rather than practicing on the grounds. These days one most important and favorite place for the cricketers is advertisements. They will be very busy in doing their assignments of advertisements and some times they are so much busy with their assignment that they could not find even some time to get an honorable award. I am talking about Harbajan Singh and Mahinder singh Dhoni, the youth icons, who couldn’t get a bit of time from their busy schedule to attend the award ceremony and that award was Shri Padam Shree award which they had to receive but because of their busy schedules they dint get time  to go there. It was not like that they were busy in cricket but they were busy with their ads. However that prestigious award was for them only not for any body else, Media showed that news so many times a day, But I want to ask one question from media if you people will make these cricketers so popular by highlighting only them, this is an oblivious thing to happen.
Today electronic media shows its viewers like What these cricketers are doing? What are they wearing? What are they drinking? What are they eating? Which car or bike they have bought? What are their likes and dislikes? Which pet they have bought? What is the name of their dog or cat? Who is going around with these cricketers and Who will be their life partner or girl friends. These are the hot topics being covered by media. I want to ask to these media people Don’t they have anything else to cover to show on their channels. Why don’t they cover the stories of other games? Why don’t their reporters get time to reach at other games players home? Are they not players? Why the players of our National game Hockey are always ignored by the government or the media? Why don’t media take a step ahead to cover their stories or I want to ask, Are these players not a part of a game? Then why these players are always ignored? Can Media Answer all these questions? I don’t feel that government or media will have answers to these questions. It is not only about our national game hockey but some other games players are also being ignored.
Few months back our boxing players Vijendra Singh and Sushil Kumar won  bronze medals in Olympics and it was really a proud moment for India. When they came back to India. PM invited them to his place and Sushil Kumar went to PM house in an auto rickshaw. Some days back a news was flashing on a news channel that girls hockey team won a hockey cup and came back from some another country and no body from officials went there to receive them and some players reached their houses in auto rickshaws. I know many players who are smart and handsome enough to walk the ramps but they are not being highlighted by media because media has no time to cover the stories of these small players. There are so many players who are very talented in their games but they don’t have enough money to roam around in the luxury cars.
Media should know its responsibility and should not get biased towards someone or it should not be like that to highlight a game or to highlight the players of one game. Media should give equal coverage to other games also. And some policies should also be made by BCCI, they give million of rupees for just six sixes and these players become rich in a night and on the other side there are so many poor people who die every night because of hunger and shelter. Why don’t media raise these questions in front of their audience? Why don’t media urge government or BCCI to give a bit amount of money to these poor people so that they can live happily, not like these cricketers but to some extent.