Cricket spoils the youth in all ways

The sports personalities always get less money and low fame. Contrary to it Players in the games unwantedly get fame and big money. Ultimately Cricket in the India spoils the future ofyouth.


Look at any media whether it is print, electronic or even in internet it is only Cricket…Cricket. Why it has been like this?
The craze of Cricket is from one day old child to century old human being.
The enthusiasm on any sport and play is common to human beings. But it is exceeding the limits sometimes towards Cricket and Football.
In these games generally some players get the stardom and they will become the vital to shape a team.
Particularly in India cricket has been popular more than wanted and it has become food and sleep to many youngsters leaving their academic and social responsibility. They never concentrate on any issues except Cricket.
In Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu there is a mad following for film actors which made many to enter into Politics. Some has got power and some have not.
Sports and Politics are similar when there was a contest. Everybody will jump into the fray thinking that win. Even a great popular personality sometimes faces defeat against a weak person. Like that a player of sport.
But in a game like Cricket some 11 players will play. Players will have equal credit if the game win or lost. In sports like Tennis and Badminton individual has his own credit.
Unfortunately in India no sport player has any following whatever the big title he wins. Suppose if he or she has it was purely temporary. Contrary to it Cricket Players have big following when they win or not. In a collective game sometimes some play some do not.
Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvaraj, Dhoni and veerendra Sehwag always get credit whether they play or not. True to say in so many Cricket matches when we were victorious these players did not fare. We accept they are talented and have the courage and spirit. Like them so many players proved their worth on so many occasions but they could not get much identity. If a player like Tendulkar fails continuously for more than times because of the past performance and influence he will get the opportunity. In the same way the best Indian stylish player like VVS Laxman fails a couple of times he will not be considered to play in the third game. We can name so many players of this category. Why is the discrepancy?
Pakistanis scored a big total against us in champions Trophy we utterly failed to reach the goal. Why don’t we encourage new comers? Recently the BCCI has converted the Cricket totally a commercial play. It has almost spoiled the spirit of every player. Even then it is continued because every player of the world wants money.
So what finally is in India fans of Cricket loose their education and money and few players will get money.