Crop Damages due to Cold wave claimed 13 Vidarbha Farmers Suicides in 2011
VJAS | 11 Jan 2011

VJAS has urged Govt. of India to recover the losses from US MNc Bt.cotton seed manufacture Monsanto as this is failure of technology not the complete failure as farmers who are cultivating Non-Bt.cotton an organic cotton there is no damage reported

COLD WAVES and chilly weather since January 2 2010 has claimed at least 15 lives in rural part of Vidarbha and has also damaged the standing crop and ruined the cotton farmers of the region resulting 13 more farmers suicides since January 2 in 2011 of which seven farmers suicides being reported in last 72 hours, identified as:

1.Rameshwar Pohekar of Tamaswadi in Amaravati
2.Sunil Bhusari of Shedurjana in Washim
3.Dilip Belsare of Kawatha in Yavatmal
4.Pramod Uike of Walki in Yavtmal
5.Durpattabairathode of Bham in Yavatmal
6.Bebitai Pohekar of Tamaswadi in Maravati
7.Avinash Wankhede of Asara in Yavatmal
8.Ravindra Kodape of Nandapur in Akola
9.Prakash Pawar of Ajanti in Yavatmal
10.Motiram Mohurle of Susand in Wardha
11.Kamalkar Sawarbandhe of Asegoan in Bhandara
12.Ghotu Jabhorkar of Talkalkheda in Amaravati
13.Rahul Karthode of Kelzara in Yavatmal

Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti(VJAS )informed in press release today
‘Even cotton prices started climbing back to earlier level of 4200 to 4400 a quintal after the last date for completing the fixed quota of cotton exports extended till February 24 and so called bumper crop of cotton India has no relation with economic growth of debt trapped Vidarbha cotton farmers as steep rise in cultivation cost and mounting debt from private money lenders has increased acute distress so as on going high cost of health care and livelihood is adding fuel to the Vidarbha agrarian crisis. Now integrated solution is must focusing on the socio-economic issues of rural Vidarbha in order to stop on going farmers Genocide’ Tiwari added.

‘Area under cotton cultivation in India cross 110 lacs hector and 42 lacs hector in Maharashtra then claim of 325 lacs and 75 lacs bales in India and Maharashtra respectively reflects that average yield of Bt.cotton is less than 400kg /quintal, resulting average losses to the tune of Rs.5000/- per acre that the matter of mounting debt and distress hence withdrawal of cotton cultivation in most serious issue that has to be addressed’ Tiwari said.
In a letter to Indian Prime Minister,Dr.Manmohan Singh , VJAS has given details of sky rocking cultivation cost  and gravity of losses due excessive rain and recent cold wave  which is exposing the truth of the agrarian crisis in the cotton growing area of India, here is that table.

‘We are expecting central intervention to stop this mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victims of wrong policies promoted by state as in dry land area rain sensitive crop like Bt.cotton is being cultivated in more than 95% causing huge financial losses to the cotton farmers and water crisis in the area. We have been demanding the ban on rain sensitive crop in this region and promotion of food crop in all rain fed area of Vidarbha since 2004 but nobody is giving any attention to this serious demand resulting more and more farm suicides in the region’ VJAS stressed in press release today.

When Monsanto manufacture of Bt.cotton seed  and Central Institute of Cotton Research (C.IC.R.) are planting the fabricated news of record bumper cotton crop in India same time more than 5 million Indian cotton farmers who opted  this year Bt.cotton seed manufactured by  are crying the different tune of sudden climate change has ruined agrarian economy of the region  and added the fuel in on going  agrarian crisis which claimed highest from suicides in the cotton belt of India.

VJAS has urged Govt. of India to recover the losses from  US MNc Bt.cotton seed manufacture Monsanto as this is failure of technology not the complete failure as farmers who are cultivating Non-Bt.cotton an organic cotton  there is no damage reported of excessive rain October –November and cold wave hence state should regulate the technically failed seeds and stop the exploitation of US MNc at the cost of Indian farmers suicides  as per official figure of Indian Govt. has crossed 2,17,000 in last decade and most of suicides are closely related to  debt and despair due crop failure of modern genetically revolutions in agriculture and killer seed of America. Hence we repeat our demand of complete ban on imported seeds in India, Tiwari added.