Cross-City Race Encourages Citizens to Run For Better Civic Amenities in Najafgarh
Jitendra Parmar | 11 Oct 2013

SRCGCT organized the ?Najafgarh Cross-City Race?, with the main objective of creating general awareness of the need of a better region, better city and better nation as well as to highlight the water problem of the region.

SRCGCT organized the ‘Najafgarh Cross-City Race’, with the main objective of creating general awareness of the need of a better region, better city and better nation as well as to highlight the water problem of the region. SRCGCT started the public awareness campaign for ‘Cross-City Race’ to ensure maximum participation by the people of Najafgarh. Registration too began a few days prior to the event and hundreds of participants learnt more about the Run, thereby registering themselves. This event was the talking point in Najafgarh for several days before the Run with an outstanding response culminating with more than 1300 entries registered in all categories, 3 km (only for girls), 5 km (only for boys) and 7 km (for all).

It was a well managed and fair event as Physical Trainers of various Schools were the judges for the races in all categories. True sportsmanship was at display during the event. More than 2 lakh rupees in cash were given to the eventual winners and certificates were given to all participants by Mr. Kailash Gahlot, Founder Trustee, SRCGCT. Besides, refreshments and other goodies for all the participants, there were mobile toilets and medical care facility also provided by the Trust during the course of the race.  All schools, participants and residents of Najafgarh lauded this step by SRCGCT. The people of Najafgarh, those who participated as well as their companions, all expressed their joy and satisfaction at being part of this large community event.

As the Founder Trustee of the most active non-profit organization in the region, besides being an eminent lawyer, Mr. Kailash Gahlot has been deeply concerned about the general lack of awareness of their rights among Najafgarh citizens. Expressing his delight on organizing the Cross-City Race he said, “Najafgarh is a part of Delhi with a mixture of rural and urban population from Delhi and Haryana. It is one of the rare places in Delhi with a sprawling green belt still left standing. It is also the biggest rural area in Delhi and shares a boundary with Dwarka, with close proximity to Gurgaon. With these favorable parameters, the region and its people should have rightfully advanced. I hope this race will empower all the efforts of the past to make a substantial and expeditious difference to this entire region. Najafgarh despite being one of the most populous regions in the NCR, is still neglected in terms of development and the most basic civic facilities. There are serious issues of unavailability of running tap water, irregular electric supply, law and order, improper garbage disposal system, ineffective drainage and pathetic state of the unrepaired roads. The area also does not have any proper dispensary, maternity home or modern healthcare centres, thereby forcing patients to travel distant hospitals.”

Shri Ram Chander Gahlot Charitable Trust (SRCGCT) was formed in the year 2000, in the memory of Mr. Kailash Gahlot’s late father and philanthropist, Shri Ram Chander Gahlot. The Trust’s ongoing and proposed activities are in the Najafgarh area, where Shri Ram Chander Gahlot lived and worked in his lifetime. The region after being neglected for decades is still battling mounting socio-economic issues. Health and hygiene, crimes against women, illiteracy, unemployment, ignorance and poverty are still ominous issues. SRCGCT's commitment towards the development of this region began with focused programs in the Mitraon village and Bakargarh village and other neighbouring areas, with the potential to intervene in the entire region in the near future. 

The Trust, under Mr. Gahlot’s guidance works towards collaborative engagement of all sections of the society. The major intervention areas of The Trust cover Health, Women Empowerment, Youth Empowerment and Legal Aid.The Trust’s Youth Enrichment Programs have a two pronged approach to identify and develop individual talents. These entail Skill Identifying Programs through a series of activities and events like, Cricket Tournaments; Drawing and Painting Competitions, Yoga Shivirs and Life Enrichment Programs entailing Career and Vocational Counseling; and Employment Opportunities. Health care services, vocational training and emergency ambulance services have now also been made available to the people of the area. Mr. Gahlot is currently in the process of developing an inspirational project for children belonging to the Dalit community in the area.

SRCGCT constantly initiates and promotes ongoing vocational training centres in the area, starting with Stitching and Sewing classes for local women in Bakargarh village (the poorest village of the area), Jatav Mohalla and Jaffarpur village. The Trust hopes that with a boost to incomes of families there, these vocational training centres will become a catalyst of positive change at the individual and the societal level. In the last week alone, there were additional 4 Vocational Centers opened by SRCGCT in ChetanVihar, Sapera Basti, Roshan Vihar and Bani Camp. These new centers will provide 3months professional training courses in stitching, cutting, tailoring and beauty culture. The people of the surrounding areas often also seek legal advice from Mr. Kailash Gahlot. The legal aid helps citizens with right to information, improves the basic awareness about their rights as well as the overall legal literacy in the area, thereby making the citizens more aware and empowered. 

SRCGCT’s primary aim is to connect the backward villages in Najafgarh to the wider world through technological intervention. The Najafgarh area has limited internet usage at present, and even the students passing out with good percentage have limited scope for gainful employment due to lack of general awareness. The Trust also engages with the non-school going children/drop-outs in education through sports and entertainment by providing opportunities through skill development and creation of jobs. The Trust has already provided employment to over 200 people in form of teachers, drivers and other staff. To promote sports and encourage sporting talent in the area, the Trust organized the Najafgarh Premier League (NPL) T-20 cricket tournament where 8 teams participated. The Trust is also starting competitive boxingclasses to promote excellence and discipline among the children.

Mr. Gahlot regularly organizes health camps with the help of experts from renowned hospitals of Delhi as well as MCD Doctors offering free health check-ups and medicines. On a daily basis, there are free of cost Blood Pressure and Sugar Tests in the area. Besides, the Trust runs a 24-hour Emergency Ambulance service, with qualified nursing staff to deal with emergencies. The entire emphasis of their thoughtful and pragmatic intervention is on holistic growth within an attainable timeframe.