Cyberspace too is not safe for women – says ACP Crimes-Cyberabad
TR. Madhavan | 02 Feb 2015

Offices and public places are not the only places that witness harassment of women. It happens online too, and the rise is alarming, at least within the Cyberabad Commissionerate limits.

The victims are mostly women – recipients of abusive e-mails or messages, preys of hacked mail accounts and fake profiles on social websites like Facebook.

"Colleagues, classmates or batch mates at schools or colleges, and spouses are resorting to such activities," says Cyberabad Cyber Crimes ACP Jayaram.

Unrequited love or strained relationships are prime among reasons for these perpetrators to harass the women.

"They are frustrated and resort to this thinking that they would not be caught," say investigators.

In some cases, the offenders send obscene content in the email, to embarrass the woman. Forwarding them to all the contacts of the victim is another way of humiliation. Some create email ids with false details, but are caught by tracking the internet protocol address.

Instances of such crimes doubled in 2014 compared to the year before.

However, investigators are hitting a dead end when emails are sent through servers abroad. Email service providers don't respond to police queries asking them to furnish details of the origin of the email and cite laws of their land.

More humiliating is the practice of creating fake profiles in the names of women and posting objectionable content on the accounts. "As the offenders post mobile phone numbers or email ids on the profiles inviting people to talk to them, the victims are traumatized," police say.