Dada Jashan P.Vaswani

Dada Jashan P. Vaswani is the spiritual head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune, India. Dada Jashan is endowed with the gift of oratory and eloquence. He was invited to speak at U. N. O. on Universal Peace and at House of Commons, London, on World Without W


Dada Jashan Vaswani said to me that he believes it is not religion that has failed us, but it is we who have failed religion. We who talk of religion, we fail to bear witness, in deeds of daily living to the precepts, the teachings, the ideals of religion. He heads a non-profit social welfare and educational institute in India called the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. He has addressed Britain's House of Commons, and the United Nations. He was recently in Australia to visit friends and supporters. Dada Jashan P Vaswani is one who like Father Geoffrey King, believes that individuals must take responsibility for the behaviours of their faith institutions. He shares a special honour with former South African President, Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa of Calcutta, as one of only a handful of recipients of the prestigious U Thant International Peace Award, named for the late Secretary-General of the United Nations.Dada heads a non-profit social welfare and educational institute in India called the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. He has addressed Britain's House of Commons, and the United Nations. He was recently in Australia and USA to visit friends and supporters. I began with the dilemma of competing faith traditions and the history of conflict they bear.
As per Vatican:  Dada  thinks  the common things that people should take note of are firstly, do your duty. Today the emphasis has changed on duty to rights. The very first thing that all these three great ones emphasises, you must do your duty, you must be true to your duty, even if that duty of another is a nobler one than yours, you must not renounce your duty to attend to the duty of another. This is the first thing.And the second thing which they emphasise is, Do your duty and a little more. Go further. You belong to a family which is larger than your immediate family, you belong to the family of humanity, and in this family every man is my brother, every women is my sister. It is my duty to look into their needs and do whatever I can to help them, to lift their load on the rough road of life.And the third thing that they emphasise is that we must practice silence every day. I believe this is the one great urgent need of humanity today. We live in a noisome world, all around us are noises. Even as there are particles of dust, they come and cling to our clothes and we wash them with soap and water, even so there are particles of noise. They come and cling to our hearts, to our minds, to our souls. We need to wash them in the waters of silence. Every day, preferably at the same time, preferably at the same place, let us come and sit in silence. I often refer to it as our daily appointment with God. We keep a number of appointments every day, but we miss out this most important of all appointments, our daily appointment with God, and is God is not a far-off shadowy being dwelling on a distant star, God is closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. I must have my daily appointment with God, I must practice this daily silence; sitting in silence I can pray, I can meditate, I can repeat the name Divine, I can engage myself in a loving and intimate conversation with God, I can do my spiritual thinking. But this daily practice of silence is very, very necessary. Dada Jashan said Spirituality and service are the objectives of his mission that has centers in India, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and West Asia. It runs hospitals and schools for character building in youth. Dada Vaswani was on the last leg of his US visit, presiding over a three-day Sadhna camp at the Hamilton hotel in New Jersey when he was interviewed.
It felt good to connect with Sindhis, our language, culture and music...
Dada sang:
Aaya aahyun Dwar Tusaande
Arz unaaye arz unaaye
Baajh beri mein chaadhe chaadhe
Poor Bunder Panhuchaaye daadal
poor Bunder panhuchaaye
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