Daughters are Fosters, Men are Bun
Vinod Anand | 23 Sep 2013

Daughters are Fosters, Men are Bun (Vinod Anand) Daughters are the loveliest feel that one can experience in a life time - but did any one go to that extra mile to understand it. From times, down the ages, down the ages, the birth of a girl has not been taken as a bright right to a family. Man has drawn a veil over this thought and has always taken it in bad taste. The male and the female child have always been kept ‘to discrimination. By this I mean they are put to a difference. A school of thought may say it is correct. For God has not made them physically the same. So, what big a deal? When, in this manner they are different then why to allow them on the same pedestal. Those who do not meddle themselves in this style of thinking day - make them apart and see the result. One of the basic aspects of riot having a female child is who shall carry our generations of family - Thanks God, this has now become a misnomer in today’s world, If not all but many in number have understood that this hope shall not beacon the light of the future. Generation is by name only, may not give a furtherance to grace. Now, what is felt is the hope to honour. On the birth of a girl, a Barbie Doll was gifted to her, why not a bat and a ball. What is felt, she is going to play her whole life and not go into the battles in life with the so called but the bowl. From her infancy she is taught the lessons of love, caring, giving, devotions, commitment decency, and ethical values and so on. She as a child was always giggling away on hearing all this. Unknowingly, these shall be the expectations in her future life. A close friend of mine who was blessed with a daughter shared his feelings with me which is worth elucidating. She and her brother (Almost of the same age) did their schooling together. A child, they both were very playful. In their teens, how the responsibility is of the two started getting unbalanced, become very visible. As a teen, she started shouldering the daily chorus with her mother. Initiating to this, was managing to the tit bits in the kitchen work (There was a full time assistant to be taken care off. At times to supervise the dusting and cleaning of the house hold effects. And or sure, learning the art of cookery. In those years between 13 to 17 years of age, her brother was not enjoying any responsibilities. Where as she had responded to the search of tomorrow’s tip toe. Now, the time had arrived for higher studies and within the flick of a second her brother was encouraged for better opportunities outside the home town. The parents desire was that their daughter stays with them, rather going alone outside for studies. The daughter had to make a compromise. She was at home, studying, looking after the home, and with the passage of time, attending to the health problems of her parents. She like the twittering bird trying to fly was always busy and never said good bye. The happiest days of life with her parents now had a thin time. The time for a change in life was at the doorstep. She had to experience, as the time had arrived that is it; that behind every successful man there is a woman. The daughter was to take a change, by entering the beautiful wrap up of the pious wedding cordon. So now the daughter was the wife to a man. Fulfilling his basic day to day needs, making his life happy with the most delicious eateries. Trying to give a hope of a healthy life to her husband’s old parents, assuring to be an obedient daughter - in law. Goose and gander may not share the same desires. But she as a most, loving faithful wife, did assure to satiate the sex desires of her husband to the utmost fulfillment. The loving daughters growth to life was how to the most precious time, to be a mother, which is a blessing from the Almighty, to only a woman. A change in life - a designation to motherhood. The reverence of this is a universal truth. The circulation of abundance in the universe is through the daughter, how a woman, to be the mother. She suffered the pain on the birth of her child. But felt happy and joyous as it was a giving deed. She nurtured the child, day and night, steeping but aware and alert: She did not only educate the child for attaining first position, but taught the core values of life, the path to self-respect, to be responsible, to face challenges and accountability. With effortless ease, she was committed to the embrace. Her untainted faith is her progeny was beyond the shadow of a doubt. The seed of this revolving truth is the in built designing of the woman. This circle of rotation in abundance to the woman is gift by God Himself. So once again, our dear daughter, how a woman is having the responsibility of giving. They are our daughters. In childhood, as a sister, I used to give the ball and my brother was on the batting. I used to hold the lutaie and he was flying the kite. He kick started his bike and was roaming on the roads, where as I was at home being friendly to my mother. Did I speak to some one? Or anyone heard, Or was I speechless not To be heard! To look after my husband. Did I not do my duty well? My advice was many times left unsolicited. Did I ever pull away? When he was in stress or my inner instinct persuaded me to talk with him what was disturbing him. Did I not motivate him in times of difficulties? Did I riot pester him to speak off when he was quite and frustrated. When in love, his intimacy got vanished, with the inevitable need fulfilled; that is when I, through my behaviour and conversation, brought him to the same pastures. I was caring and respectful, but did he maintain the trust worthiness and acceptance of rr3y unstinted love. I never ignored him to an, argument, but did he ever understand my disapproval aspect. But I made my love grow as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law. All the situations come to me in my platter in different shapes and I become their part. I asked my self-how did it happen, who made it happen; but I heard them say, without you, no one could blow the trumpet. The human striving would have been painful and disastrous. There would be no state of contentment or comfort of love. To whom would one look forward for, kindness, gentility simplicity and compassion, or let them not be late to say, for when I leave, I may not get time to believe. “’Will their hope Shall be my honour, Can my grace, Be their praise, Or could they near me From my hearts For my next life Resilient start’     PAGE  PAGE 2