akanksha | 14 Feb 2011



India a country with different religion, different communities and group. Every month we have festivals that we celebrates. As india is a secular country we respect our religion as well as others; that mean if we want a holiday to celebrate our festival very well then we should respect other custom and beliefs, which mean lots of holidays in a country and less work.

According to hindu calender every day there is some kind of occasion whether Poornima, Amavasya, Ekadashi, Panchmi, Chaturthi etc. with this we celebrate Holi, Diwali, Id, Navratra, Christmas, Guru-parv, Budh poornima and lots more.

As we are in a 21st century, towards Globalisation; everyone wants to be modern, the world has been shrinked and with this everything is accessable; now we have lots of festivals in india to celebrates but we also follows western culture and tradition.

Valentine Day a day to express your love to their loved ones; but the question is that we want some kind of particular day to show are love towards our loved ones. We have lots of festivals, days to celebrates why would be need more. Feburary is the month of Days whether a Rose day, Hug day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, or a Valentine day. Different days to do different things.

This is a month of love, everythings looks red, markets are full with flowers, teddy, chocolates etc. even the cost of rose goes high around Rs 100-250. one rose is available. Every newspaper is having Valentine special, companies also attaracting the customers by proving voucher, holiday package, dinner etc. with this valentine week is helping to earn money also.

Valentine day is very popular in young generation, even now best bollywood valentine are voted; according to HT city student of hindu college voted Katrina as best valentine partner, even in the western country they had the  voting for worst valentine, every youth wants to celebrates this day in a special manner. Youth shows over enthusiam to celerate this day for this so called social reformer mis-behave with those who celebrates the day.this kind of incident mark a question to society in which we lived.

We are in a democratic country, we can do whatever we want to do. But we have some social obligation we should not do things that harm the society. Our Constitution gives a right to Life and Liberty but with some restriction, that mean we can celebrate valentine day without any fear in mind but we have some responsibility towards our society.