Deaf & dumb mother blessed with two babies in Ganga-Sutluj Express train
HARISH DIDO | 08 Dec 2014

In an incident of its own kind, a deaf and dumb woman gave birth to twin girls on board Ferozepur-Dhanbad Ganga-Sutlej Express Train, near Ferozepur Railway Station in Punjab.

As per the sources, the couple, both deaf and dumb, had boarded the train from Lucknow by fault. While the train was approaching Ferozepur railway station, the lady identified as Laxmi started having labour pains. On finding the lady lying on the floor of the train in extremely anxiety condition, the RPF personnel immediately informed the railway authorities at Ferozepur.

As soon as the train reached Ferozepur, a team of doctors from Divisional Railway Hospital including Dr Amit Sherasia EMO, Dr Dinesh Pathak, Gynecologist along with their staff reached the station. However in the meantime, the lady had already delivered twin girls. The medical staff immediately provided treatment and separated the girls from placenta after cutting the umbilical chord.

Later, showing a gesture of goodwill, a team from Red Cross shifted the mother to the civil hospital while the twin infants who were in critical condition were admitted to a private nursing home.

Ashok Behal, Secretary, Red Cross said the condition of both, the mother and infants was critical. Since the husband was also deaf and dumb, no details could be provided by him as to from where they had come and where they were going to.

Behal further said, a special educator was summoned who after talking to the husband in a sign language, could make out that the duo wanted to go to Delhi but landed at Ferozepur by fault as someone misguided them.

Behal said that all expenses towards their treatment shall be borne by the Red Cross.