Death toll rises to 18: GAIL pipeline leakage

Konaseema area in East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh is meant for lush greenery and picturesque atmosphere. with the fire broke out on Friday the area has become like a grave yard. Though it is hinted by local people that gas was being leaked and there was an urgent need of replcing with new, Even then the officials of the not taken into account and mishap which was waiting for blow up has taken place .

As many as 18 people charred to death at Nagram a tiny village in Easy Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on of Friday following a GAIL Company's natural gas pipe leakage. Several others injured who were treating at nearby hospitals of Amalapuram and Kakinada. The injured may be below twenty. The pity is many dead bodies are beyond reorganization as they died at the spot. Many houses have been gutted. The mishap has happened in the early hours of Friday and fire broke in a major scale and no one could reach the spot. Hundreds of coconut trees have been burnt in the incident.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who is in Delhi is rushing to the incident spot in a special plane along with Union Minister of Petroleum and natural Gas and senior officers.

In the state the Deputy Chief Minister Mr. China Rajapppa who belongs to the incident area is looking after the needy works for injures and other who lost everything because of the fire. Mr.Rajappa has accused the GAIL authorities for the happening and they have not heard their demand of replacing the pipes which were damaged. People say off and on some minor leaks have been taking place but authorities have not taken their requests into account.

The Prime Minister Mr. Modi has condoled the families who lost his kith and kin and announced the ex-gratia of two laky rupees.

If we recall the incidents of past in the green Konassema area of East Godavari district in 1993 there was a big blowout at Komarada. In the year 1995 blowout took place at Pasarlapudi and in 1997 at Devarapalli. All these are major blowouts. There was a minor blow out was taken place at Tandavapalli which was not so serious.