Deepika Padukone seeing her ex again after Siddhartha Mallya?
Bani Thakur | 07 Feb 2012

Bollywood is abuzz with Deepika Padukone again but for the wrong reasons. It has been reported that she was seen in the company of her ex-flame Nihar Pandya, which apparently raised many eyebrows.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE’S list of make ups and break ups are more popular than the characters of her movie. In a recent news report, the media is abuzz that after her heartbreak with Siddhartha Mallya, she was spotted with her ex-flame Nihar Pandya. The truth of the matter is yet to be found out as she has neither accepted nor denied the charges.

Nihar Pandya, who is an model and a struggling actor, used to stay with the actress during her Om Shanti Om days but then they broke up and Deepika moved on to Ranbir Kapoor, Yuvraj Singh and Siddhartha Mallya. However, going by the speculation she has found solace in the arms of her ex again.

As reported in timesofindia.com, Deepika was in touch with Nihar Pandiya’s family, although she was not in any contacts with her ‘close friend’ Nihar. While everyone wants to know but no one is asking whether they are getting back together or not. Deepika, who were absent from the headlines for quite some time, made a comeback with this rumour but then she would not be that happy with the speculation.