Defence experts accuse Govt. and media of damaging moral of army by raising flimsy issues
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 25 Sep 2013

Everything is allowed in love and war and now in politics also. But the UPA Govt. has broken all records by raising the bogey of misuse of secret funds during the tenure of former Army Chief General V.K Singh.

So panicky was Govt. and the Congress party, after V.K. Singh's move to share dais with Narender Modi, that they dug out an old report and managed to get it published in media using its vast clout there.

This has evoked sharp reaction from defence experts and independent observers who feel that this will demoralise the Army which is countering insurgency and cross border terrorism bravely. They have even questioned the credibility of media in highlighting the issue directly concerned with the national security.

Defence expert and Rtd. Lt. General Harwant Singh in an article in a national English daily cautioned that the dimension of the case and sustained witch-hunting of an army chief and its possible implications for the army as an institution, are of such far-reaching consequences that an inquiry by a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court is warranted.

Tracing the chain of events from V.K. Singh's step to join rally with Narander Modi and publication of confidential report, he has written that even the dumb-witted can connect the two events.

Regarding the phone taping instruments Lt. General Harwant Singh has clarified that such equipments are necessary for the army deployed on counter-terrorist tasks to locate enemy intelligence cells and others involved in terrorist activities.

Credit goes to Union Minister Gulamnabi Azad who had questioned the credibility of the report. Even PC Chacko, spokesman for the Congress, while adopting cautious approach has stated that there are certain matters which in the national interest have to be kept closely guarded secret.

Such things can not be left for any kind of scrutiny. The important question that arises here is whether the Govt. is not committing harakari for political gains.