Delegates of Peoples Forum from three countries paid tributes to Martyrs at Hussainiwala
HARISH DIDO | 25 Mar 2014

On Martyrdom Day’s celebrations on March 23, the delegates of People Forum from three countries - Bangladesh, India and Pakistan –visited Hussaniwala Memorial at Indo-Pak border to pay floral tributes to memorials of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, B.K.Dutt and Punjab Mata.

A delegate from Pakistan headed by Umer Ahmed alongwith Kiran Shehzad, Kamar Shehzad, Shiva Parshad from Nepal with Ashma Lutel, Shijna, Rukshana, Shah Jamal, Gune Sajra from Kolkatta, Faizal Khan from Delhi, Jaswant Singh, Mandan Lal Narula, Vivek, Prof. Dyal Singh Vice Chancellor Rajasthan University, Ganesh Hazar, SEcreary Kolkatta Chapter, Malana Mitra Advocate High Court Kolkata and others visited the memorials.


Speaking on this occasion, they said, they have not so far got inspiration and satisfaction which they felt today, after paying tributes to martyrs at Hussainiwala.


They further said, we have pledged from the land of martyrs to see united India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on the world map, for which the youths have to come forward to change the political concept in the country by keeping aside the personal, political interests and differences apart from solving the problem of getting visa for visiting each other country.


Manak, a seasoned national secretary of the Forum said, till today, the politics of these three countries have misguided the youths with the result the dreams of our martyrs could not be fulfilled and the Forum is trying to bring the youths of three countries at one platform.

The Forum is giving a message to the people to support them in uniting the trio countries.