Delhi - will always be an imperial city
GAYATRI ARORA | 01 Mar 2011

Cultural diversity and religious unity are core values of the Indian society. Delhi, being the capital of India, embodies all these aspects and much more.

DELHI IS one of the imperial city dowered with soverign grace.The national capital is somewhat a persistent colorful and social "jabber law"-noice of bliss everywhere,everyday,all the time!beautiful structures,beautiful people dressed for a fashion fiesta,harmonious existence of a multitude of religious,the fragrance of ALoo chat impregnating the air at every corner....from the sublime to the ridiculous,all are so intriguing that you can't help,but become involved and engrossed!
Delhi is a land of culture and diversity.Delhi is perhaps the only state where perhaps the only state where people from different states come for better education aned job opportunities.It is also the centre stage of Indian politics.One of the most striking features about Delhi is that New Delhi boasts of a very modern lifestyle yet the ancient city reflects the remnants of the glorious old age charm and culture.
At the Nizamddin shrine,one can still hear the Quawalis.Gurbani can be heard in the Gurudwaras,Bhajans and Aartis in the temples and Hymns at the Sunday masses in Churches.The regional festivals like "Chhat Puja" of Bihar or "Durga Puja" of Bengal are also celebrated with great gusto.It is this diversity that make Delhi so lovely and colorful.With architecture and art of almost every region and community,Delhi is perhaps one of th most beautiful cities of the world.
Delhi is a masterwork of Intricate ties between the bygone and the modern.While tradition lays engraved in the minds of all,Courage to take new,challenges with an ardent stride is the heartbeat of every Delhitie!
And wIth the ardent stide comes a tune to whistle-Yes ,Delhi has its own them song!from kids to adults,the song "yeh dilli hai mere yaar" Can be heard in various cacophonies,but of course with true patriotism!
One of the metropolitian sitties,The delhi metro whose first phase was opened on December 24,2002 is one of the few metrosystems in the world that are operationally Profitable.In the 2008 finantial year,it had a revenue of $100 million and profit tax of $3.98 million!
Delhi and its people share a "TOM AND JERRY" kind of relationship.Delhi is,of course Tom,which has no problem at all in providing all sorts of difficulties to the people.Be it the extreme weather,vast distances covered with crawling speed,robbers or corrupt authorities.But once one gets out of delhi,he or she misses a sense of adventure and finally,thanks to DELHI for the toughness it provides.
Delhi is home to all,beggars and millionaries,Hindus and muslims,religious person and anthests,sincere and corrupt,happy and sad,loved and unloved-doesn't make our lovely city one of a kind??
Delhi is indeed a city of joy...of countless wonders and timeless history!
It is the heart of the nation,the pride of the people,a symbol of freedom and prosperity