Delhi Election: Whispers of Delhi...Dill Se!!
Tina Acharya | 07 Feb 2015

Electioneering in India has become no more a celebration of Democracy that include healthy contests among the candidates of ideologically different political parties, Instead, they have become (read Elections) a huge Pandora box of filthy condemnation, indecent criticism and unnecessarily manufactured controversies. The high decibel noises are what they say aggressive campaigning. And Delhi is the burning example which has become a fierce battle ground for BJP, AAP and Congress.

Though active part of Campaign for Delhi Assembly elections has come to an end, however the most significant and intense campaigning has just started. In this phase all the prospective candidates and the political parties will apply their last yet the best shots – sam,dham, dand, ved – to get the votes of people and acquire a mandate to rule Delhi.

Frankly speaking I felt a glimpse of LS poll scenario in this entire election process in Delhi. At present it seems its Modi Vs Rest with TMC, JD (U) and CPM already backing AAP finding a 'big" hope in Kejriwal and making it a National alignment in the Capital. Surely it's a capital election having a National impact.


Even the media seems to be carried away pushing its ethical journalism into a dark corner. Honestly it seems as if certain news channels are really frustrated to the core and desperately want BJP to lose. And then finally came Shahi Imam's offering of support to AAP. (I personally feel this one step is sufficient to conclude that AAP is surely in losing side). It is now almost clear that the polling will be like that of LS poll and may be results will also be surprisingly the same.


However amidst all this clamor and clatter I feel somewhere the voice of Delhi is lost, as there is no one to listen to its whispers. Because though Delhi has always remained a politically prominent city from the days of "Indraprashtha" till date but its citizens were always deprived off a better life. Still they are struggling for basic necessities like "roti, kapda and makaan". One will really wonder that even being the capital of a most ancient yet an emerging nation called India, people of Delhi still struggle to have a drop of water or a hiding place in the bone-chilling cold night of winter.

I feel if one makes a small effort to hear the whispers of Delhi, then one may hear the reality. Whether it is the sweltering heat in summer or the shivering of  bone chilling cold in winter or the unpredictable monsoon, there is a harsh reality attached with every season in Delhi.  Looking at the narrow and dark lanes or the untidy and dirty corners of the city one can easily conclude how this city has repeatedly been neglected. Crime is at its top and safety for women is just like catching the moon.And The list will be never ending.

Point is Delhi has always been ignored not only by its rulers but also even its citizens have most of the times turned a blind eye to its grim reality. At this juncture I just want my Delhi friends "to steal a quiet moment and try to hear the whispers of their City".

Some of my words go like this:


The whispers of Delhi!


Mein Delhi…

App ki Delhi, Sabki Delhi

Kabhi Kadakti dhup mein jhulasti hui Dellhi…

Kabhi Chi Chillati Thand mein Thiturti hui Delhi…

Kabhi Bund Bund pani keliye tarasti hui Delhi…

Kabhi andheroin ki Galiyaron mein khud ko Dhundati hui Delhi…

Kabhi looteron ki haat luti hui izzat keliye bilapti hui Delhi…

Kabhi tuti hui sapnon ki tukdon ko sameti hui Delhi…

Kabhi sukhi hui hoton se ansuo ko peeti hui Delhi…

Kabhi sukhe hue ankhon se ruthe hue takdeer ki aas lagayee Delhi…

Mein Delhi…app ki Delhi sabki Delhi

Par abhi bhi na jana…mein to sabki huin par mera kaun??


Delhi is still looking for someone who will take her into priority. Rulers will come and go but it's the citizen who will remain their forever. So it's their responsibility to make this city top priority and have its legitimate share of prosperity. They must stand for its rights and dreams. They should stand in the queue and use their ballet power. They must vote and choose wisely the best candidate of their area.

After all Delhi deserves to be a world class city having its each and every citizen bestowed with genuine share of better life.