Delhi hosting first dance fair
Arpita Khare | 13 Apr 2008

As we step in to the16th year of our journey we host Dance Jathre – India’s first Dance Fair, the dream and vision of Vyjayanthi Kashi-Artistic Director, Shambhavi School of Dance: “A revelation into the self

A quest for beauty

A thirst for excellence and

An experience of the divine…”

It might be a profession for some and an art for many. But for us, it’s a need. A need to provide deliverance to millions of human emotions and transcend from the chaos surrounding us. It’s the way we relate with people and seek beauty in creation. It’s a means to dissolve differences and exemplify excellence and perseverance. For us, dance is a manifestation of serenity and divinity.

Today, we find ourselves in a dispersed community. Some waiting to get a start, others to make their mark and many more to set their foot on the eternal path. It’s our belief that dance can shape their destinies, when they are brought together. We hope to see this belief of ours materialize in form of the ‘Dance Fair on 7th and 8th June 2008.

For the first time in the history of Indian classical dance, we are trying to bring together all artists related to dance from different facets of life. May it be dancers, artists, musicians, or patrons. It’s our humble effort to provide a platform for the flourishing artists and pay our tributes to the prolific performers. Personal interactions, display of  dancers works, Cds and profiles ,arts and artifacts, lecture demonstrations, workshops, seminars and a up close view into the dancing community; its all possible here, at the ‘Dance Fair’, a non stop extravaganza stretching from morning till night on 7th and 8th June at the Chitrakala Parishad, Kumara Krupa, Bangalore.

It’s also our intention to give the audience a glimpse into our spell binding journey and introduce enthusiasts to new possibilities. Your support is our strength and that strength is our belief.

“Dance is either a daring adventure or nothing."