Delhi Police to provide footpaths for pedestrians
Rajni Verma | 19 Dec 2014

There are a number of deaths, which takes place on the roads, which could sometimes be due to the driver's fault and other times, also of the person. In both the cases, it is the negligence of traffic rules, which leads to such accidents.

Let me share with you a story about someone, whom I knew and lost her life for the above said reason.

Sangita (name changed) was getting ready for college when her mom asked to be home by late noon and she promised her that she would be home early. She was pretty late for her morning class. The bus stop was at opposite end from where she used to board the bus.

She started messaging her friends and she was so busy in SMS-ing that she failed to notice a fast moving car, which was heading towards her. She neither looked left nor right and took 10 steps forward to cross the road.

Her steps were 100 meters away from the zebra crossing. Her unconscious mind thought that the car will stop and driver expected the same, but sadly, the driver did not, and the car hit her. She laid on the road , unconscious and people were trying to bring her back to full consciousness. But, she eventually died. She could not fulfill her mother's promise.

According to Delhi Police about 749 pedestrians lost their lives in fatal accidents in 2013 either due to their negligence toward traffic rules or lack of availability of proper space to walk on Delhi roads. As a result of which, Delhi Police has come forward with a solution.

Recently, Delhi Police launched a drive to reclaim footpath for people to walk. It is highly noticed that footpaths are generally blocked by shopkeepers, vendors, parking contractors etc.

Delhi police in its drive asked people to send pictures of such areas either on Delhi Police Facebook page or Whatsapp it on the provided number - 8750871493.