ISHA SHARMA | 09 Apr 2011

Delhi has taken an initiative as it now has made up its mind to put a BAN on usage of polythene. Earlier the law was made but no one ever took it seriously but now the ban is not just usage but storage,and production of bags as well.

 The world is becoming more and more environmental friendly and so is the capital of India as it is all set to take a step forward and initiate a step ahead. So, now Delhi is all set to ban the usage of PLASTIC BAGS. Delhi government has also imposed a stringent law against not just usage of the polythene bags but also now the government had put an hault on their manufacture,sale,storage. The happiest group of people after this law was implemented was the hard-core environmentalists. Earlier the ban was imposed on prohibiting the usage of plastic bags in malls,restaurants,hospitals and various markets but people did not pay heed and they continued using the bags which also led them to trouble as heavy fans have always been their way to get rid of any serious legal trouble. Now the ban has been legally imposed and the people who try to neglect it or violate it could face legal consequences and imprisonment up to 5 years or even fine up to 1 lakh rupees. And main places which have been warned are the luxuries hotels, outlets of MOTHER DAIRY, shopping malls, hospitals and other places which have never paid seriousness in getting in the league of becoming environment conscious. The act has been imposed under the ENVIRONMENT protection Act 1986.When a meeting regarding the issue was held by the DELHI CABINET, headed by the DELHI CHIEF MINISTER Sheila Dixit, this decision was made highlighting the fact that there was already a ban of usage of plastic bags but however it did not include the manufacturing activities .And an Industrial expert also added the fact to the issue that right now there are around 400 plastic bags manufacturing units whose output and revenue costs between 800 crore to 1,000 crore.This would not only hit their revenues and shut down their business, it will directly link to around 20,000 laborers going jobless. But keeping this serious situation in mind Government OFFICIALS added that keeping the workers poor state which is bound to be after the law gets implemented, the officials will definitely give them a few days time.