Democratic Disgrace In South Carolina

Instead of discussing issues, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton traded insults during the South Carolina Democratic Debate in front of a live audience. The Broadcast was transmitted by CNN.

Personally, I did not want to pay attention to the never ending soap opera of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. My reason is because I am supporting the Libertarian Party under George Phillies. I decided to make an exception by watching the debate between the Democratic Candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards transmitted live from South Carolina on CNN. Actually, I watched the debate on the Windows Media Player in my computer.
The adventures of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in South Carolina had the tone of a sick comedy complete with insults. Obama was accusing Clinton of "having a board seat at Wal-Mart" while Clinton replied that she could "not debate a person who had such negativity" and then added "your deals with the slum landlord". I was thinking to myself that these are the people who want to be President of the United States of America.
The USA is bleeding to death [with the economic free fall, the housing crisis, the lending crisis, the war in Iraq, and the attempts to rebuild from Katrina] while the candidates of the Republicans and Democrats insult each other.
John Edwards attempted to play referee but it appeared like a lost cause.
I could care less who won the South Carolina Debate as much as I could care less who would win future primaries and caucuses. The system is broken and there is a need for new faces and new concepts starting with the abolition of the Electoral College. [This could be discussed in a future article].
After the debate, I concluded that the Democrats and Republicans do not have much to offer in leadership, and plans to rescue the USA from the abyss. George Phillies and The Libertarian Party have more to offer with withdrawal from international organizations, and wars that do not directly affect America. The debate or the exchange of insults between the politicians including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have reinforced my desire to see a peaceful end to the Republican and Democratic Monopoly on power in favour of a government that is responsive to the people, transparent in its actions, and helping the people get back to economic stability.
I would like to thank Merinews for being with me in these trying times in the United States. As a measure of thanks, I would like to inform the readers of Merinews that my report and my opinions are exclusively mine. The views that I express do not reflect the opinions of Merinews or any organization affiliated with Merinews