denial of the right to life
Pragati Gupta | 13 Nov 2006

female infanticide

A world without women...is it what will be the reality of tomorrow??? A dearth of women,an everlasting void that will be hard to be filled again, if once created. Accept it or not,but with the increasingly alarming situation of female infanticide spreading its roots,this is what seems to be the ultimate end.
Gone are the days when she used to be captivated inside the four walls playing the role of a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a wife...things have changed. Now women are not denied any opportunity in any walk of life. But isnt it true that she has now been denied the basic "right to life". There have been innumerable cases of such inhuman and brutal acts of foeticide. This also involves empowering the women of our country because until and unless they come to know about their rights,how can we expect them to protect themselves and their children from the atrocities. Despite being biologically stronger than boys,more girl children die anually.
At the Indian social forum, Mr. Sharma of Shikhar Yuva Mancha,said,'the shocking realities of son preference exists in northern state of haryana and punjab that have witnessed the green revolution."He further qouted the statistics,"now haryana has sex ratio of only 820 and punjab 793. Translated into numbers,these ratios mean the disappearance of over 2 crore girls. Economic development and affluence have encouraged son preference here."
Female infanticide is an extreme form of gender violence,it is needless to say it is human right violation. The women's right to life,dignity,self-value needs to be preserved.The strategic objectives of the organisation further emphasises on the protection of the girl child. It says to eliminate all forms of discrimination against the girlchild,eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls. It promotes and preotects the rights of the girl child and increases awareness of her needs and potential. It aims to eliminate discriminations against girls in education,skills and development and training and health and nutrition. It also plans to eliminate economic exploitation of child labors and protected young girl at work. Finally, it promotes the girl child's awareness and participation in social, economic, and political life.
Thus, the call of the day is to educate and empower the women of our country and give them back their right to life.... This will be our 1st step towards the never ending path to progress which will, in real sense involve the better half of the male chauvinist society.