Deny of girls and women rights is also violence : Prof Daisy Narain

"Deny of girls and women rights is a type of violence.It also violates their fundamental rights.It's bitter truth that there is no dignity and respect for girl students and teachers in some schools in this state. Government and private hospitals are not suitable for poor patients treatment.Publication of obscene photographs or advertisements also violates women rights, "said Prof Daisy Narain, professor of history, Darbhanga House,Patna University,Patna in the workshop on 'Violence against Women and the role of Media' at AN Sinha Institute of Social Science,Patna on 28 December.

This one day workshop was organized by Actionaid,Patna under the president ship Prof Bharati S.Kumar. The program was anchored by Prof Sharad Kumar of Mahila Samaj,Patna.The number students from women colleges and female journalists were maximum in the program.

"The rising cases of murder of journalists in the world is shameful.Within last one year about one thousand journalists and photo journalists have been killed different countries of the world. Our media houses and government should be alert to provide security to them,"said senior woman journalist and social activist Nivedita Shakeel in the program.

"Women should come forward on women issues for the protection of their rights.Social groups should make pressure on media and government for women issues.It's amazing that there is no anger or protest against the Nirbhaya like violent sexual crimes in remote villages of Bihar."said senior BBC journalist Manikant Thakur to the young women journalists in the workshop.

"The graph of violence against women in the country is rising at an alarming rate.Media is also not giving proper place of news about the women victims of violence. They should know their duties."said Prof Bharati S. Kumar in the workshop to the participants.

Mr Thakur also appealed young journalists to write more news based on women violence and sexual crimes of the rural areas also as service to humanity.Advocate Basant Kumar Singh of Patna High Court, Sharda Wari (Actionaid), Nidhi,Vaisnavi,Noorjahan,media students and mediapersons were also shared their experiences in this workshop.The guests also replied the queries of participants about media and different issues about violence against girls and women.