Development at the cost of environment
GAYATRI ARORA | 28 Feb 2011

As soon as we hear of the word 'development', the first thing comes to our mind is establishing of industries, constructing malls and huge shopping complexes. But the concept of development is not just limited to these aspects.

DEVELOPMENT IN the context of India is very important. Our country is placed geographically in such a way that it is surrounded by hostile stalls and we have a large diversity of people living within our borders.
This diversity can lead to different opinions about the country which can in turn pose some serious internal problems.In such a situation,development can prove to be unifying bond.The world still sees India as a backward country of tribals and snake charmers with just a few IT companies that have sprung up all over country.Our country is still very far from realizing its total economic potential.In such cases,the world superpowers such as US, BRITAIN,GERMANY(world leading economics) try to pressurize developing nations like India and China to cut down on their carbon immersions.
This proves to be a major hindrance to their development while having the way for economic monopoly of the developed countries.We should not forget that countries like US are major polluters and account for a large chunk of global immersions whereas developing countries hae very low per capita levels of emissions and have large trades of land under forest.
The recently concluded Copenhagen summit ended in a deadlock because the superpowers were trying to push the responsibilty of climate change to the 3rd world countries.
In India,constitutional,legal & political restrictions are in place to ensure that all deelopment work is carried out in sustained manner.Moreover,we have not yet reached a point back home,when any development would pose a challenge to the environment except for some isolated cases.
After the findings of the United Nations Environment Council were found to be gross exaggerations,the idea that climate change is a hoax created by the superpowers is gaining pace.We usually associate development with reckless felling of trees,unscruplous use of resources and rampant pollution.But,this does not hold true today.
The scenario is different from what it way a few decades ago.We have alternate sources of energy,pollution free modes of transport and new tecnologies which largely avoid excessive use of resources.The govt can take positive steps to ensure this by passing innovative laws that restrict emissions and provide and impertus to sustainable development.
In the end,we would like to say that wer are living in a world where what matters is chow development is carried out and not how much development.If we develop in the correct manner,we can eradicate the problems like poverty and hunger which are much prevalent in the country while making sure that we don't play with the natural balance and retain the diversity.