Devotees get drawn to highly decorated Krishna Idols
shamly nimbalkar | 01 Sep 2013

The eye-catching idols of lord Krishna beautified markets of city and engrossed devotees in selecting the best piece.

Idols of lord Krishna studded with the pristine emotions of beauty, grace and beguiling charm of optimism mesmerised beholders and made them look twice with awe. The eye-catching idols of lord Krishna beautified markets of city and engrossed devotees in selecting the best piece. However, selecting best piece of idol was certainly not an easy task for shoppers. Specially decorated and ornamented idols of lord Krishna was a big hit in the market. The most crowded place of the famous area of the city Chitar Oli was Balaji Decorations. It decked up more than two thousand idols of lord Krishna this year. Artist Mangesh Andhare said, ?Earlier, we used to decorate Ganapati idols specially, but in past few years craze of decorating idols has gone up. People now want their piece of idol to be the best one and they are also ready to spend on it.? People are so particular about the decoration that they book the idol and leave it a day prior at the shop for the decoration. Few years back it was a costly task and there were only few orders for it but from past three four years it became affordable for every idol. The minimum cost of decorating the idols start from Rs 200 and it goes upto Rs 1500 to 2000, he informed. Andhare further highlighted that a special collection of cloth material for Dhoti, Ghagra and Odhani has to be ordered prior since those are in demand. Ready-made pieces of the same are also available in the market but shoppers demand something special in the festive season, he added. Another artist Rajesh Chauriya in the Chitar Oli said, ?We only make clay idols and use natural colours and that is our speciality. But now-a-days people exclusively demand for separate decoration on idols. Ornaments, wears, Jhula and some special decoratives have been specially delivered by devotees to decorate the idols.? Lamenting over the hike in prices of Aruna Ataram, a devotee said, ?Though decorating idol is little costlier, but its an annual event, hence I want my piece of idol to be special. Moreover it looks lively and attractive which connect beholder to it quickly.? While another shopper, Ram Dhabarde said that it was special event at his place and continues three days of celebration. Since options of decorating idols is available in the market at affordable rate, he has been decorating the idol. The old lane of the city which is famous for its art and best artistic production has now adapted the new trend of decorating and ornamenting idols separately. The trend has caught up markets around the city rapidly, and hence artists around the city are all set to give the best pieces of idols.