different trends of saris
Ahinsa Kumari | 06 Sep 2009


IT IS a time of festivals and people get confused thinking what should they purchase or what to buy, what to wear and how to wear. There are lot of choices in the markets. Different  sorts of outfits are making their presence felt in the market and among them saris too. Making an impact in an innovative way of draping the six yards, which could also mean going retro and trying to create a look of a Mumtaz, at a time when everyone right from Priyanka chopra to Giselle Monteiro seem to be swearing by the charms of the sari, the festive season is enabling the wearers to try that little bit more.

Sari is quite very famous among the teenagers. Most of the girls want to try it in a different way. A little touch of change here and there makes a big difference. Ruchika Sharma , a student says, “Whenever I wear a sari, I keep my pallu  ulta, its give me a different look. Its enhances the grace of the sari. But I also like a double drape which is ideal for a special occasions. Its providing a dual effect. Then there is a Mumtaz style of the 70s, where the sari is rounded twice around the body, giving a slimming effect.”

We all know that sari gives an Indian look and sexy get up. Some subtle and not so subtle experience can result in a lot of drama. after all sari is nothing if not a creative attire.with an different pallav and a neck accessory can create a very stunning effect.and also its highlight your waist.this style is perfect of the wedding, says Priya Gautam an another student of Symbiosis Institute of media and communication. She also says wearing a sari like a fish tail skirt provide a typical Indian look, which I love it like anything.

I think during a festival you can show your creativity and make a surprise to your relatives and peers. This is a perfect time to show off your best. And also if you are showing your talents don’t you think its adding a twist to our tradition, well does not it seems like a big deal? Than what are you waiting for, go and explore the market, bring your best and surprised the world...!!!