Dine in Style at the Ranbanka Palace
neha chahar | 12 Aug 2014

Built at the turn of the last century for Maharajadhiraj Sir Ajit Singh ji, the magnificent sandstone building of Ranbanka Palace captures colonial influences and immerses them in the echoes of another bygone era.

Ranbanka Palace, one of the best hotels in Jodhpur and the only classic Heritage hotel in Jodhpur offers a wonderful gastronomic delight to all the food enthusiasts with its wide range of gourmet options. 

The multiple dining venues offering continental, oriental, Indian and traditional Marwar/ Rajasthani cuisines make dining here an experience few will forget. The wines and drinks on offer here, attentive and exemplary service and delectable menus leave the other restaurants in Jodhpur way behind.

Dine in regal style either at BBQ by the Baradari around an exquisite marble fountain, against the backdrop of the royal gardens, offering a variety of appetizing Kebabs and exotic dishes .The Pachranga Restaurant is a unique dining experience with its beautiful colors integrating the Jodhpur flag. The lavish and enticing buffet spreads served here are a traveller's delight and feature different appetizing dishes every day.

If you want to experience the famous Rajasthani Thali, visit the sophisticated and stylish setting of the  Rajasthani Baithak, a venue designed for unwinding and relaxing replete with traditional bajots and gaddi  massons. The meals served here are prepared by second generation chefs of the Royal family; when in Jodhpur this traditional meal is a must.

Al Fresco a la carte dining at Ranbanka Palace is a gourmet's fantasy; Chabutra offers two distinct open air banqueting experiences. One is a buoyant hotspot under the YY tree where regal hospitality and demeanor takes you into a bygone era, while the other is a serene salon under a romantic canopy of lights and a YY tree the sumptuous cuisine offered here coupled with a wonderful atmosphere makes this a much sought venue. 

With whiffs of cinnamon permeating the air and hot muffins and delicious croissants all specials from the palace bakery, teamed with delicious coffee the Verandah Lounge is an exciting place to be in the early evenings. 

The privacy offered at the Rustic Roof is priceless; it's an intimate and premium experience, as you are surrounded with interesting latticework from the early 20th century and breathtaking views. This bespoke dining experience must be planned at least 30 days in advance.