Disappointment for not getting exemption certificate to screen documentary
Narendra Ch | 01 Nov 2015

Manoj Mathew; Festival Director, '12th Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival' has expressed his disappointment for not getting exemption certificate to screen documentary "Caste on the Menu Card".

He said that Jeevika documentary festival is organized by renowned Delhi based think tank Centre for Civil Society (CCS) annually. The main motive behind organizing this festival is to understand livelihood through films and brings light policies and regulations that limit livelihood freedom for the poor.

This is the 12th edition of Jeevika film festival. We received 115 entries from 13 countries this year including US, Canada, Colombia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. After short listing our Jury (which comprises members from Media, Film Makers and Non-government sector) selected 19 documentaries for the final screening.

Out of 19 documentaries one is "Caste on the Menu Card" which has been produced by 5 student filmmakers of Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai as part of their academic project, months much before the beef ban in Maharashtra. Jeevika has done everything we could to communicate that to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to reconsider, but unfortunately the request was still denied. It seems that they have opted to steer clear of the beef issue altogether, as the issue is creating conflict these days.

Manoj said that although we are disappointed being unable to screen "Caste on the Menu Card" at Jeevika, we are happy that we will be screening many other high-quality documentaries that address important topics that highlight the importance of livelihood freedom. These documentaries are based on livelihood issues and are from 13 countries across the globe. We invite media and others to come and attend the festival. We will have film makers and characters of the documentaries with us to interact with media and audience.