Do u beleive? LOVE IS LIFE
Monty Agarwal | 29 Mar 2008

This article is bassed on love ideology. article is saying love how can make our life cheerful. and love mean not pain and death its its maen life its live its means happiness.

LOVE this four letter small word have so much power this word can change your whole life , whole life ideology.

What is Love?
Billions time asked this question by millions people. different people have different answers of it.
everyone have own ideology on love.
Some are saying love is like war easy to beginning but very hard to end.
some body saying love is like flower smile , for some one love is worship,some people saying its gift by god and lucky person getting it.
world mostly movie is based on love, maximum number of  literature are written on love.
actually Evey one is talking about on love but no one is  truly knowing it.
My ideology saying LOVE IS LIFE  no more then it and no less then it and we knows what is impotence of life.
I had listen so many stories on love, Laila-Majhnu, Soni-Mahewal, Romeo-Julet,  Antony-Cleopatra,Sri-Frhad, Heer-Ranjha, Shashi-Punnu, Pyramus-Thisbe, etc these person made dull life for them who loves them. they got pain in love and they gave pain they all are  unsuccessful lover who make death for their lover.because they believed only getting in love not giving. Then how can they become icon of love?
 But i am knowing only one love icon  who did truly love and whose love live forever that is Radhekrishna.
they didn't create death for each other, they haven't given pain they gave love only love they make happiness each -other life. Because  they believed LOVE IS LIFE not Death or pain.
 they didn't thought what they will get they thought what i can give to my lover how i can  make cheerful their life.
there is no doubt they didn't did love they live love.
today's mean of love have changed people don't believing live love they belive  only doing love
today love mean  dating, outing, sharing, enjoying, gifting  etc but we forget actual bess of love.
Once live love then you will realise how love make your life cheerful.    
Radhekrishna  Radhekrishna  Radhekrishna