Do we need a change in social system?
Vikas Parihar | 17 May 2007

We often talk about corruption at all levels in Indian society. But have we ever thought about the root causes of corruption and a solution for them.
It is true that the living standard of middle class families is rising in India and they own a lot of goods and services. This creates a cascade effect and creates a desire in the friends and relatives to own those goods and services. This may lead to some people accepting bribes if they can not afford those goods and services in their limited salaries.
But I feel the main cause of corruption is the costly rituals handed down from generation to generation and which do not have any justification. Some of these rituals are costly marriages, dowry, feast after the death of a relative and many more.
This creates a vicious circle as a typical middle class person in a small town is not able to educate his children well. Such children when they grow up, do not become strong financially and have to again follow the rituals imposed by the influential people of their community. This vicious circle of poverty goes on and on.
To stop this vicious circle we have to plan for the next generation. It is necessary that the young children of today get good education, which requires that their parents have some financial security, which can come if their parents stop spending on rituals.