Do we need to retrospect our attitude towards gender based support
Md Jamilur Rahman | 23 May 2008

DO YOU think that male also being suppressed because of their Gender? Majority of us say, do not. Surprisingly, you will chew your finger if you start recounting the moments in your personal daily life. It is the fact which happens but very few of us accept it particularly our female colleagues. Despite of well published media and unspoken accepted truth, there are few moments where you will realize that you could not avail/grant many opportunities because of your masculine gender. Of course, there are many instances where women curse themselves being feminine gender. The gender biasness can be seen in different walks of life.

The gender decision completes at the time of fertilization only but people can know after week of conception using sophisticated medical techniques and of course everybody knows after birth of a child. There are various Y-linked diseases like baldness, hypertricosis, which appears only in male. Even they are present in female, they made career only.

It is the widely known fact that a under developed country like India where boy child get more hearty welcome than female child. We all know it and trying out our best to eliminate it for ever. But there are few countries and upper class society even in India where girl child welcomes either more or equally.

Adoption is growing with time in India along with other developed countries because of infertility, philanthropy, NGO hard work. If you ask any orphanage for statistical data of adoption, girls will be outnumbered than boys adopted by celebrities and child less couple. Do you think that boys born in last-breathing mother did do wrong any ting to this society, if not, then why we are biased? Probably you will not have many reasons.

I think education is open to all irrespective of their gender, cast, religion, society. Still, Girls are being promoted for studies by special provision of reservation in admission, scholarship awarded. Recently UPA government announced special financial package for school going girls. These supports may be the need of the time but suspect that it may become a rule like RESERVATION in different sects of life. Even after so many years of reservation, there is not much improvement in bringing up the targeted section. So it is personal opinion, we should be gender free behavior towards younger generation.

During course of time, we all need to grow in hierarchy either it is professional or non-professional. This is another place where you can find sound differences in promotion because of gender biasness. It is dominant in private sector and a bit less in government sectors. Generally employee gets promotion on their professional talent and of course years of experience. Here is one factor call "Professional talent"; it is decided by your just superior boss and thereafter. Consider a case where boss is a male and there is female among subordinates. The highest promotion (hierarchy, perks, facilities, etc) will be given to female employee without looking at other employees feelings. You can observe this opinion personally very well in your office as well, surely you will voice in support of this opinion only. If you have different opinion, please take a fresh survey.

You can see in Indian electoral systems also, it varies in degree and present from parliamentary to panchayat level. Recently Panchayat system has been reinforced in rural area very strictly keeping in mind the beaurocracy should not dominate. There also, many seats have been put strictly for women; men even can not contest election. Recently women bill has been passed with voiced vote and soon will become a rule. Why this gender based support should be given? Do not you think that it will deter other gender emotionally?

There are various places in our society where you can barely see that female gender get preference over its counterpart. Lets we take an example of separate queue, women designated counter at railway station, movie theater, gas filling station, ration distribution centers, etc. Do you think that it is justified to have special counter, if yes, what degree it should be. Have you ever realized that people ask their women to stand in the queue to avoid sweating? Was separate made for this?

If a women ask for lift, every male stop there straight away and welcome pleasantly to have the seat. At the same time, male may not get the same lift even after day long pleading. Of course partly because of male ill history of muscularity but there many innocent who are softer than female contemporary but still become victims.

 There are various issues like these where society and government need to pay attention to remove gender based biasness whether it is against male/female. If we promote female by giving them so much undue advantages at various stage of development in different walks of life, a male living in the same society looking at this disparity may develop pro-male nature and start keeping this difference in his own family during course of time. It may lead to family relation breakage. Its not like that female should not be supported and treated equally but of course our nature of support to female/male need a careful look.